We Are Reclaming Spirituality

Open Source Spirituality (n): Freely shared and accessible collective wisdom, intended to create a global shift in consciousness that leads to individual and collective peace and liberation.

House of Enlightenedhood was built on the idea of open source spirituality. A place where seekers could gather, learn, grow, heal, share, and explore the depth of their own wisdom and divinity.  In a community that offers access to teachings, courses, podcasts, interviews, and online gathering spaces that support and sustain the entirety of the spiritual experience.

It is said that in order to heal a lineage it takes 7 generations to clear and expel trauma, wounding, injustice, harm, and wrong action from the descendants who manifest in a familial tree. Here at House of Enlightenedhood, we believe we are the seventh generation.  Put here to transform and transmute collective damage to our lineages.

Our karma at House of Enlightenedhood is to liberate our lineage so that we can help humans ascend and transition to elevated enlightenment. By giving the aspirant resources that help to uncover their destiny, heal their past, align with their highest self, and find their unique purpose in serving the greater collective. What Buddhists call the MahaSangha.

House of Enlightenedhood partners with conscious collaborators whose mission and vision are parallel to ours and allows us the freedom and space to bring you unrecompensed content through the generous financial support of our partners and benefactors.

We believe that open source spirituality is the new gateway for all, leaving no one or no soul behind. We believe that each soul on this Earth deserves the opportunity to reach self-realization and enlightenment regardless of class, race, socio-economic status, education, location, or gender. We believe that providing open source spirituality to the community to ingest regularly, freely, and through a variety of modalities will help usher in a great awakening in our human experience.

Our clarified vision is a digital space that is the cornerstone of open source spirituality that everyone has access to. Our offering is our content and we have entered the market as a new and innovative business with the intention to disrupt spiritual industry paradigms in order to create a more expansive, inclusive, interactive, curative and holistic model.

We are creating a global shift grounded in...


We believe that spirituality should transcend socio-economic classes.

The Heart Center

The heart is the key to healing, remembering and expanding consciousness.


The only pre-requisite for a spiritual practice is being human.

The Divine Feminine

We serve through our Divine Feminine energy and honor its reassurance in our changing world.

Collective Wisdom

We are all here to learn, share, and grow together. Everyone's truth is valid.


The human experience is raw, beautiful, and full of micro and macro seasons. We honor its role in our spirituality.

Normalizing the Spiritual Path

It's time to make the fact that we are souls having a human experience in an infinite universe full of light, possibility, and love a basic human truth. When the expansiveness of our existence is supported by all facets of our society, that's when we truly evolve.

This unidentifiable source of purpose. That there is more. That you are more. That there is only one thing left to do and that is to show up. For you. Like you never have before.

And instead of those external pulls you’ve let control your life out of anger, guilt, fear, and shame, you are beckoned inward. Home to your heart. Activating the God within.

And once you’ve answered the call, you are forever changed. You can never forget the understanding that you are infinite.

That you are light.

And this new state of awareness? It radiates. To your family. To your community. To the world. It is a movement and consciousness so profound it will change the universe as we know it.

And it starts with you.

Welcome to the stage of your soul journey known as Enlightenedhood.

Our Founders

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Leena Lemos

As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena Lemos is on a mission to raise the collective consciousness through light, integrity and empowering others to step into their highest self.

When she was six months pregnant, Leena got a divine download. It was one word: Enlightenedhood. While she had no idea what it would become, she knew she had to follow where it would lead. After working for media and communications for over 10 years, Leena left her corporate senior PR job and began collecting spiritual stories from around the world.

Leena's conversation of Enlightenedhood quickly reached over 100 countries in under 6 months. Leena has since expanded this mission into a spiritual media company that provides a platform for a new paradigm of spirituality, one that is accessible and heart-centered.

Fully immersing herself in the spiritual path, Leena discovered the tools to heal from bullying, domestic abuse, and an endless list of physical and mental health issues that came from pregnancy. Leena is committed to helping others reactivate their forgotten wisdom through nurturing the sacred garden in their heart space. Leena is an inspirational speaker, educator, author of Dear Luna Wilde..., and host of the Enlightenedhood podcast empowering listeners to find their voice and their way home.
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Krista Xiomara

Krista Xiomara is the creator and host of I’m Awake! Now What? Podcast incepted in 2018 as an audio community for anyone who is on the path of awakening. Since its inception it has grown globally and has welcomed spiritual giants Mike Dooley, Susan Piver, James McCrae, don Jose Ruiz, Dr. Polly Young-Eisendrath, Cory Allen, Andy Dooley, Bonnie Greenwell and Dr. Julie Von.

At the age of twenty-eight, Krista Xiomara decided to walk away from her religion of origin after suffering from religious trauma and wounding that lead to internal separation and self-hatred. After leaving she found solace and light in a small yogic ashram in Eastern Washington called Radha House (later renamed Yasodhara Ashram). She began to cultivate internal restoration through meditation practices, yoga, and her studies of Swami Sivananda Radha’s works and texts. She would spend the next six years studying religion, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality in search of answers, healing, and a way to reintegrate fully into her humanity and divinity.

After emerging from this experience, her focus has been to help others heal and come home to themselves, by teaching the path to liberation, integration, and inner peace. In working specifically with individuals wounded by their religious experience Krista Xiomara provides an alternative pathway to the divine by creating space, expansion and healing outside of religious institutions.

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