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We're always welcoming new perspectives.

At House of Enlightenedhood, we're calling in writers and educators who have conscious content to share that can help others holistically who are on a spiritual path. We believe in collective wisdom that honors the human experience in a raw and vulnerability. This is a spirituality that transcends degrees, certifications, etc. We want to see your soul, story, and life experience. Not your resume.

Unlike other online publications, we celebrate memoir, poetry, and prose, too! We understand that writing the traditional article can take away from the heart of writing, so please send us your more personal pieces, too.

If you believe our platform is aligned with your message, please reach out to us. If your submission is accepted, you will be in touch with our team to make your work live on the site.

When submitting your piece:

  • Please title your email "Editorial Submission"
  • Please put the title of your piece and the full text in the body of the email. (No PDF’s, google docs, or attachments please.)
  • Source all claims whenever possible. We love when science and spirituality intertwine!
  • Include your bio and a little glimpse of who you are!

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