My Goddess Throws Things

A story about finding Divine Feminine and the Goddess of Unyielding Hunger and Adoration of all Life by Anika Spencer

2021: The Year of Divine Feminine Living

2021 the awakening of Divine Feminine Living. It’s your year to reconnect to the divine light of your heart for peace and joy.

Dear Luna Wilde Excerpt: 10 Spiritual Lessons

Leena Lemos shares an excerpt from her memoir, “Dear Luna Wilde…” about her thoughts on the current state of spirituality.

Chakra Series: Crown

Learn how to balance and nurture your Crown Chakra to connect with higher consciousness.

Meditative Poetry Series: Wake Up

Music meets poetry in this enlightening and empowering meditative series.

Letting Sisyphus’ Rock Roll: 3 Ways to Remove Obstacles

Krista Xiomara on how there are no obstacles, except for the ones we put in front of ourselves. Here’s how to work through yours.

Serving the Micro and Macro Purposes of Our Lives

Krista on finding purpose and faith.

How to Maintain Positivity

Krista Xiomara on maintain positivity.

Co-Creating with the Divine

Krista Xiomara on trusting what you cannot see.

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