From Courage to Curiosity on the Road Towards Enlightenment

Krista Xiomara on courage and curiosity as spiritual practices

44 Spiritual Resources for Healing and Homecoming

A list of books, podcasts, and other media to live more intentionally, support your spiritual education, and create internal peace.

highest self

The Uplifting Truth About Your Highest Self

Have you been misled about what your highest self actually means? Author Vicky Paul breaks it down.

Are You Overlooking Your Purpose?

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The Mind and Body Connection

Psychotherapist Chausey Leebron, LMFT shares how the mind and body are lovingly connected.

Cultivating More Love

Author Padma Gordon shares how we can act with more love towards ourselves as well as our partners.

Channeling The Garden + The Future of Enlightenedhood

Founder Leena Lemos vulnerably shares how she is stepping into her spiritual gifts.

Self-Sovereignty: Using it to Cope + Create Stability

Reclaim your personal power in these five areas of your life.

Self-Healing and the Power of Mothers

Founder Leena Lemos shares why mothers are unstoppable when spiritually awakened.

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