Helsa Thompson: Prioritizing Self-Care

Founder of The Black Butterfly Collective, Helsa Thompson shares how she was able to spread her wings and become free from expectations.

Laura Medrano: The Reward of Waking Up

Laura Merdano shares how her darkest moments allowed her to step into her purpose to help others heal from the inside out.

Ilene Mager: Choosing Kindness

Ilene Mager shares how her own self-love has helped her radiate kindness and gratitude to others.

Jalynn Schroeder: A Spiritual Awakening After Leaving the Mormon Church

Jalynn Schroeder shares her healing journey after leaving the LDS church.

Divina Lopez: Finding Her Voice

Dr. Divina Lopez shares how she learned to speak her truth and break free of the beliefs she learned in childhood.

Lisa Hedley: A Journey to Healing and Self-Actualization

Lisa Hedley shares how she combined the wisdom of her doctor father and spiritual mother into her own inner guidance.

Chisato: Practicing What She Teaches

Chisato shares how mindfulness and gratitude have helped her twin sons on the spectrum.

Kristina Raqs: The Power of Intuition

Kristina Raqs shares how she healed from religion, divorce, and trauma to an empowered and divinely connected woman.

Jenny Bell: Overcoming Postpartum Fear and Anxiety

Jenny Bell shares how a traumatic birth experience led her to forget her spiritual practice.

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