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Celebrating 'Dear Luna Wilde...'

Mothers are powerful women. They are the keepers of the past, the present, and the future, yet many have been raised to stay quiet, seek outside validation, and wait for permission slips. The result? A generation of mothers who feel alone, less than, and more disconnected from their true self than ever before.

Exploring the way motherhood rips you open spiritually, Dear Luna Wilde… honors the raw yet beautiful journey of one of life’s biggest responsibilities. Through letters to her young daughter, Leena Lemos reminds mothers of their truth while opening the conversation to the profound intersection of motherhood and soul discovery.

Dear Luna Wilde


“I believe letters are the most honest way to communicate because they travel in a direct line from heart to hand to paper. This book is my heart song for any mother who is ready to lead with light and own the depths of the responsibility she’s been given."

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