How to Embody Divine Feminine Archetypes with Courtney Tiffany

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Our Divine Feminine energy can be so potent in our spiritual path because of the way it invites us to ebb and flow, literally awakening life force energy within. Yet, as such an integral part of our energetic makeup, opening ourselves up to the Divine Feminine can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Fortunately, we have beautiful souls to guide us through this sacred energy. I sat down with Author and Modern Priestess Courtney Tiffany to discuss her work with archetypes of the Divine Feminine and how embodiment of those specific archetypes can help us self-heal and grow spiritually. We also chatted about it on Instagram Live recently, and you can watch that here.

1.Tell me about your spiritual path and how you were called to a deeper understanding of feminine archetypes?

My journey began after my children were born. My life completely changed after having two kids in the span of 13 months and I dove deep into my new role of being a mother. But after a few months, I had a bit of an identity crisis and began feeling lost. I didn’t know who I was outside of being a mom, I had been so consumed by motherhood that I neglected all of the other parts of myself. That is when I went on a journey to find myself again and in the process learned about spirituality, the Divine Feminine, goddesses, and archetypal embodiment.

Through years of research, workshops, and exploring the archetypes on my own I uncovered thirteen different archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Through this work, I realized each archetype is expressed differently and has a different energetic frequency than the others. By isolating that energy (for example the Maiden vs the Crone) we can tune into the gifts and wisdom of that particular thread of Shakti. By working with specific archetypes, I was able to heal myself, reclaim my power, and embody my truth.

2. For someone just at the beginning of rebalancing their Divine Feminine, what exactly ARE feminine archetypes?

I view the feminine archetypes as different threads of Shakti. Shakti, or kundalini energy, is creative life force energy. It’s energy that pulsates through every being on earth, yet can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Shakti energy is both creation and destruction, it can be gentle and soft or raging and fierce. Take for example the nurturing, supportive, loving energy of the mother, versus the fierce, protective, strong energy of the Warrior. Both are feminine archetypes, but they expressed differently. And most importantly, they feel differently in our bodies when we embody them.

3. How can archetypes help us on our spiritual journey?

Archetypes are great tools to help us not only learn more about ourselves, but they gift us with the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and allow us to heal any blocks or traumas we might be unconsciously holding onto. On my personal journey, it was the Queen who helped me step into my sovereignty. It was the archetype of the Witch who allowed me to reclaim my power and view my life through a more magical light. It was the Warrior who helped me establish boundaries in my life, which as an empath and recovering people pleaser, was a necessary adjustment. The Dark Goddess held my hand as I explored my shadows. These are just a few small examples of the gifts of the archetypes. The things you can uncover with the archetypes are limitless.

4. What are the different archetypes?

In my upcoming book, Feminine Archetypes, I explore thirteen archetypes of the Divine Feminine. They are the Maiden, Wild Woman, Warrior, Huntress, Lover, Witch, Priestess, Queen, Mother, Dark Goddess, Hearth Keeper, Mystic, and Crone.

You might know these archetypes by other names, but each of these archetypes has unique energetic frequencies that can help guide us to reclaiming and embodying our truth. Working with archetypes in our lives tends to be a cyclical process. We may start a new project and feel the excitement and passion as the Maiden, but then blocks might come up and we work through them with the Dark Goddess, before being swept away with the blissful surrender of the Lover. There is a time and season for each one.

It’s important to note that ALL of the archetypes are available to you right now, they are all expressions of yourself. Because you are not just one thing. You are more than just a Mother. You can also be a Warrior, a Mystic, and a Lover all at once. Even if you don’t identify as a specific archetype, it’s energy and wisdom are still available to you.

5. How can we start to work with the archetypes?

Start by writing down the archetypes listed above and feel into how your body reacts to each one. There is a wisdom, a deep inner knowing within our bodies, and learning to listen to it can be a powerful tool. Make a list of attributes or characteristics on what each archetype means to you. How do you perceive them? Which one are you most drawn to? Which one do you want to learn more about? Which one do you feel the most resistance to? Then ask yourself why for each response.

If you are looking for support to explore these parts of yourself, check out the archetypal activations I am currently offering. These potent activations are energetic journeys that help you open the doors to each archetype within yourself and teaching you how to divinely embody each one.

Visit my website to learn more about my work, sign up for my newsletter and download a free gift to help you on your archetypal journey.



About Courtney Tiffany

Courtney Tiffany is a writer, intuitive, and modern Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She is the Founder of the Monthly Goddess Alignment. Author of Journey to Soul and the upcoming Feminine Archetypes, and creator of the Goddess Affirmations Oracle Deck. She is dedicated to helping others gain clarity, access Shakti, and reconnect with their true essence and soul wisdom. She teaches women internationally how to connect to the Divine Feminine via goddess spirituality and archetypal embodiment.

Find Courtney online through her Website, YouTube, Instagram or her Monthly Goddess Alignment

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