How to Embrace The Divine Feminine in Business


Damian Niolet

“The Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient times. Consciousness is basically divided up into the ‘masculine’ side and the ‘feminine’ side, and we need both to achieve our highest creative potential.”

-Suzanne Kingsbury


The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are the evolved and sacred expression of the feminine and masculine that we have access to. Yet very few people have experienced or witnessed the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine.

Aside from growing up in patriarchy, where both the Divine Feminine and Masculine have had to hide, our current fast-paced, always on, constantly connected world, means that we have become even more disconnected from these aspects of ourselves.

In business, especially, we have seen the masculine take precedence over the feminine. In most work cultures, the feminine qualities are not appreciated and most women working in these environments have to take on the masculine qualities to get ahead.

That is why so many women are leaving corporates to create their own businesses that work for them. Women entrepreneurs and business owners are changing the world and one way they are doing this is through embracing the feminine in their businesses.

I fell into having a business because I was a single parent with a 3-week-old baby and I didn’t want to put my daughter into childcare at such a young age. I wanted to spend all my time with her. So I did work at night or when she was asleep and I grew a business that was able to support us.

Since then, I have noticed that much of the education and advice around business is led by Bro Marketers and it is easy to get swayed into doing things their way. But many of us have found out the hard way that these tactics don’t work for us because they are not in alignment with who we are and how we want to run our businesses.

By understanding the Divine Feminine and how we can express this more in our business, we really can change our own lives and the world! The Divine Feminine is the sacred expression of positive and powerful feminine energy that can exist in any gender.

The qualities of the Divine Feminine include:

  • Receptivity
  • Presence
  • Sacredness
  • Loving Kindness
  • Self-Compassion
  • Self-Nurturing
  • Allowing
  • Pleasure
  • Sensuality

Imagine what the world would be like if embraced these powerful and amazing Divine Feminine qualities for ourselves, our partners, our children, our communities, and the planet.

We can connect most easily to the Divine Feminine as women through our beautiful and precious bodies. Our bodies know far more than we give them credit for. Our bodies serve as an access point to most of the Divine Feminine qualities.

As women, we too often hate on our bodies and close down our knowing, our truth, and our sensuality. By truly appreciating, honoring, loving, and listening to our bodies, we can bring more of the Divine Feminine into our daily lives.

For our own enjoyment and success in life and business, we need the balance of the masculine and feminine. The masculine allows us to get stuff done in an orderly manner. The Divine Masculine provides a container for the Divine Feminine to flow.

But how do we do this?

Embracing the Divine Feminine, in our lives and businesses, can be done by:

  • Honoring our emotions and desires
  • Listening to our intuition and knowing
  • Honoring and caring for our bodies and paying attention to her messages
  • Speaking our truth and sharing our inner wisdom
  • Creating a sacred space and rituals
  • Collaborating with others
  • Connecting with others in community
  • Expressing gratitude and appreciation
  • Using our imaginations to help manifest what we desire
  • Honoring our sexuality
  • Expressing our creativity
  • Knowing ourselves (the shadows and light)
  • Living in alignment with the moon and our menstrual cycles

In business, this can mean having structures in place to support you while allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions without judgement, and listening to your gut response and your intuition when making decisions.

It’s about finding a balance between doing what needs to be done while tuning into what turns you on and doing that. Asking for help and support when you need it. And giving yourself time off when you’re menstruating or simply need rest.

You can also create scared rituals and routines that support the expression of the Divine Feminine. Every morning before I sit down at my desk, I have a ritual that starts my day in a sacred way. I light a candle, set an intention, turn on my essential oil burner, and play my Tibetan medicine healing bowls.

I also have a womb-space practice. By dropping into my womb-space, I tap into my feminine, sensual energy. I can bring this energy to my work and create amazing things. To do this, simply drop your awareness into your womb-space (this can be done regardless of whether you have a womb or not).

With this awareness on your womb-space, breathe deeply and exhale with a sound a few times. As you do so, you will become more present with your body and your feminine energy. You may also get turned on and feel juicy! What a way to start your work day.

I journal almost daily. Expressing my emotions and letting myself truly feel whatever is coming up for me (and trying not to judge those emotions – but sometimes I do). I have a gratitude practice that allows me to appreciate the goodness in my life. I also like to write my desired future in past tense as if it has already happened and express my gratitude for this. The simple act of writing can be transformative.

I am still learning how to fully embrace the Divicine Feminine in my business. Thus far, it feels great. I still fall into the old ways of doing things now and then, which often leaves me exhausted and feeling out of sorts. I take note now of how I feel as a barometer of when I need to do next, allowing rather than pushing.

Part of this learning is to remember to keep asking the question, “Does this feel good in my body?” My body knows more than my brain and I need to trust my body.

Next time you are doing something in your business, whether it be a strategy, offering, process, or an interaction with someone, ask yourself how it feels in your body. Listen. If it feels good, keep going. If it doesn’t feel good, what else could you do?

As you have seen, there are many ways we can embrace and express the Divine Feminine more in our lives and businesses. As we learn to express the Divine Feminine, it will have an impact on not only on us, but all those around us.

How can you honor and express the Divine Feminine more in your life and business?


About Ayesha Hilton

Ayesha Hilton is an author and biz mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs. Her mission is to support women at the forefront of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Revolution. She is passionate about embracing both the masculine and feminine for business success, satisfaction, and joy!

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