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Heal My Story

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Behind every spiritual awakening there is a path of healing, pain, release, and growth. As we look in the mirror at our wounds, failures, and emotional baggage, it takes a lot to face those aspects of our journey. However, when we can vulnerably share our stories, it can allow space for validation, empowerment, and community and that’s just what the Heal My Story project is on a mission to do.

We sat down with Conscious Parenting Coach, International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Founder of Heal My Story Michelle Diasinos to learn more about her spiritual storytelling project.

Tell me the story behind  Heal My Story and why you felt so called to create a space for anonymous storytelling.

I have always been fascinated with stories. As a young child I read and wrote countless stories. In my teens, I continued to read and journal in private and they both became my sanctuary through my emotionally turbulent adolescent years. This love led me to major in English Literature as an undergrad. Later as a therapist my favourite part of my job was conducting initial interviews, where I learned about my client’s story. To receive snippets of my clients lives and be immersed in their journey through story is where I expanded my understanding of trust and connection.

After my first awakening, I began connecting with others through story. I began collecting 100 stories of Motherhood and in my current podcast The Mothers’ Roundtable, storytelling through conversation continues to be my favourite way to receive the wisdom of others. I then began sharing fragments of my story as I connected with fellow women at Enlightenedhood. In this safe and sacred space, I shared the deepest secrets that I have held onto for years. Stories that I had learned to suppress, repress and be ashamed of. Stories that I needed to unravel, to forgive, to heal, so that I could remember who I came here to be.

As my heart expanded, I continued to find platforms to share. Penning my chapter in the Change Makers book series was intense, emotional and cathartic. It was here that I realised the power of storytelling on my journey. I realised my connection with story through the years. I realised helping others through this process, to get on the other side of the ominous and looming “hard thing”, was one facet of my dharma.

There are parts of my story that I have struggled with (and continue to struggle with) sharing publicly, but I know that this is a part of my healing journey.

A few months ago, in the midst of a crumbling, I received a divine message to create a space for others who are experiencing their own inner trials and are working on giving themselves permission to speak vulnerably and share their stories – anonymously.

A space for those of us who feel like speaking our truth in its wholeness feels too confronting right now and balk at the thought of disappointing, hurting, angering others, of damaging relationships, or are fearing judgement.

A space to give voice to those of us who are ready to name and release the aspects of our story that have been holding us back, so that we can step into more of us and rewrite our story.

Heal My Story was born.

Why are stories such an important part of our collective healing?

Stories allow us to tap into that part of ourselves that may have been laying dormant for years but continue to impact on our experience of life today. They allow us to access the parts that have been hurting and to begin connecting those fragments to make sense of it all.
When we speak our story, it no longer holds its power over us. We begin transmuting that pain, that darkness. Stories are our gateway to reclaiming our voice and remembering our power as we journey home.

When we are vulnerable, we give others the permission to do the same. We begin to see a reflection of our humanness in the story of another and we begin recognising that universal thread that runs through each and every one of our stories. We remember our oneness.

Vulnerability plays a huge role in this project. How has it been a driving factor in your own spiritual journey?

For most of my life I believed that exposing my emotions (much less experiencing them!) was a weakness of mine. Part of my awakening involved realising that my willingness to be vulnerable and to honour the emotions that accompany that had actually been my strength all along.

Since then, it feels like I have been in a constant state of vulnerability, almost as if I am suspended in it. My spiritual growth requires me to choose uncertainty over and over again. Sometimes taking what feels like big risks, but most of the time taking these incremental, micro risks that add up to me becoming more of me.

Vulnerability has been core to my spiritual journey. It has been the portal through which I have connected more deeply with others, and with myself. It has allowed me to be truthful with myself, to trust myself, and to trust in something bigger than me. And it has given me the courage to release the illusions of what I think I should be and begin deeply accepting myself.

How can we get involved with Heal My Story?

Head over to michellediasinos.com/healmystory to submit your story. You can share as few or as many words as you like, in written or spoken form, anonymously or named. Your only prerequisite is to share if you feel called and you feel ready.

I invite you to return to this page in the future and leave as many submissions as you wish, as new elements of your story emerge along your healing journey. Let this be your living journal and your time capsule.

And please share this platform with your communities via your social media or by word of mouth, as I would love for the power of storytelling to grow and serve others as it has served me during this intense and beautiful period of my life. From my heart to yours, thank you.

To read others’ stories, visit michellediasinos.com/healmystorysubmissions

You can read snippets and receive updates on Instagram @healmystory.

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About Michelle Lee Diasinos

Michelle Lee Diasinos is a Conscious Parent Coach, International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Breathwork Facilitator in training. After a decade of working with families and educators in teaching and occupational therapy, she recognised the immense impact of the conditioned self on our ability to connect with our children when she became a mother. Her journey inwards sparked a deep calling to support fellow parents as they navigate their unique healing journey and break generational cycles so they can raise conscious, emotionally well future adults.

Michelle lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband Phill and their son and daughter. Woven into her days, she enjoys reading, nature walks and yoga. Website: michellediasinos.com
Instagram: @michelle.diasinos & @healmystory
Facebook: @mdiasinos

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