Servitors: All About Thoughtform Entities

Guest Post by Angela Lynn Brown

Image by PIXIE / Unsplash

As humans we are energetic beings, we can create practically anything we want, our imagination is our only limit. Everything that exists now was first existing as a thought. So we can use our thoughts and emotions as powerful tools to aid us in our everyday lives.

Our thoughts and our emotions greatly determine how we carry ourselves in our day to day interactions. 

What is a thoughtform?

Thoughtform: noun

“a combination of presuppositions, imagery, and vocabulary current at a particular time or place and forming the context for thinking on a subject.”

In simplistic terms: a thought’s energy.

An accumulation of energy projected about a certain subject.

What is a servitor?

A servitor is a magical thoughtform entity that helps you with a specific magickal task. A thought-form entity is created by the human mind and given energy from a human, or humans. It is not a spirit with its own soul, but a projection of the concentrated thoughts and emotions a person or people who are still alive. It’s a very real entity, but it is an entity literally created by us. Sometimes when people read the word entity it holds a negative connotation. Not all entities are negative, the only way we would create a negative thoughtform entity is if we were channeling this type energy into it.

A lot of residual hauntings or severe violent paranormal experiences involving entities are fueled by people. Some entities have never been human and are fueled by us entirely. These entities feed off the emotion that is triggered by our thoughts and even the history that is embedded into the very land we live on.

Some thoughtforms manifest in areas where war took place, hospitals where tragedy struck, jails where riots took place, and even in just regular homes someone passed away in. If one person thinks they see a ghost or malevolent entity and tells others, pretty soon they are all thinking about and interacting with the same entity. This will fuel the energy of any thoughtform and make it stronger. Soon those thought patterns manifest themselves into a synthetic energy that actually takes form into a real entity and becomes a reality. Thoughtform entities, or servitors, can be formed with so much energy that they can take on a mind of their own, or their own consciousness. They will actually interact as if they are a spirit. 

“We invent what we love, and what we fear.”

How can we use this information about thoughtform servitors to aide us in a beneficial way?

A servitor is energy programmed to act within a set of rules that works like it’s own personal consciousness. It is energy with a small amount of awareness that can respond to commands and carry them out within the confinement of it’s programmed abilities. They can be programmed with a predefined set of abilities such as healing, calming, love joy and can also be taught different abilities. Servitors can protect you from other thoughtform entities, conjure entities when you ask, influence the world around you to work in your favor and so much more. 

A Servitor is able to think, have their own free will, emotions, and memories. It is like a spirit person, animal, or being (pure energy) living in your mind’s eye and in the etheric realm, that is separate from you but stemming from your energy. It still doesn’t have a soul but it is an intelligent being made up of multiple thoughtforms and intentions that can help you with specific tasks.

Humans are powerful beings, whether we are aware or unaware… we are always creating. We have and always will manifest exactly what we want. With servitors we can create these spiritual helpers out of fear or love, both having different purposes. If you make a servitor out of love you now have a creature friend you can call on to help you perform tasks at anytime. These tasks can be anywhere from bringing more love and calm into your home, doing energy work on you, bringing in more wealth and prosperity, to doing distant healings for others. 

Key concepts to making a thoughtform entity or servitor

  1.  Intention. What type of thoughtform entity do you want and what is it’s purpose? Would you rather create a servitor with multiple thoughts? How often will you fuel this entity? Will you fuel this entity with emotion, visualization, or both? Get your intention straight before creating an energetic manifestation because these can get confused, and take on their own consciousness. You don’t want a clueless and very indecisive entity as your helper. You don’t want that indecisiveness lingering in your house! 
  2. Getting into an energetic match to create. In order to manifest an entity with emotion, we have to first feel that emotion. If you want to create healing or love, become soft, smooth, calm, and gentle. If you want wealth imagine yourself surrounded by everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Stacks of riches, luscious fabrics. Let your intuition guide you. Really embody these emotions before you start, think of it like acting practice – the more you embody the emotion fully the better and stronger the servitor.
  3. The visualization. Close your eyes and imagine the room around you as it is. The space in front of you is where you are going to manifest your servitor. As you begin to focus imagine energy coming from all over the universe to create a cloud of energy right in front of you. Once you get a nice cloud or actual outline formed to give it it’s purpose, the entire time remaining in the same embodied emotion for your desired servitor. You can state “Everyone is so calm and relaxed” or “I have so many opportunities showing up” (whatever suits your intention best) to place this energy right into your servitor. You can use visualization to better fuel this intention. For love, you can imagine your servitor floating around leaving hearts everywhere and imagining your family smiling and laughing. For wealth, you can imagine your servitor bringing you new clients or business opportunities. You can even get super creative and shape this servitor into an animal or being.

How to train and fuel your servitors

To fuel your servitors, keep them trained, and of high vibration, you’ll need to repeat the emotional embodiment and visualization process daily. Every week or so you should dissipate your thoughtform servitors and create new ones. This is because they can pick up residual thoughtform energy from the environment and you’ll always want your energetic helpers with clear and precise energy.

If your servitor starts acting strange or making a ruckus, you can simply do a light meditation on them [visualize light flowing into them] and imagine them dissipating. After that, you can create a new one.

Thoughts do create things, be mindful of the creatures you create and the intentions you set.

Happy Servitor creating! Wishing you many blessings on your magickal journey. 


About Angela Lynn Brown

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and is always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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