Everything You Need to Know About Past Life Regression


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Past life regression is a guided or self-hypnosis therapeutic technique that allows a person to view their past life or lives from the Akashic Records. Past life regression is beneficial to healing your mind, body, and soul.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an accumulation of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. The records are encoded energy in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric or spiritual plane. The spiritual or etheric plane is all around us. It is unseen to the eye but gives us unlimited access to all information from every event, thought, action, or deed done.

Beginning Your Past Life Exploration Journey

When you first begin past life exploration you may want to be guided the first few times so you experience how to get yourself into a trance state. Once you have mastered clearing your mind and the intention behind past life regression, you will no longer need to be guided by another to access the akashic records. You will be able to center yourself and view what you would like to view.

How is Past Life Regression beneficial?

You can take the lessons from your past life and apply them to your current life. This helps you further understand patterns that keep repeating in your life, phantom aches and pains, irrational fears, reoccurring dreams, some of your deep likes and dislikes you never could really explain. The lives you view can even give you insight into how you have such a familiar life connection to certain friends, lovers, and even some enemies. When souls feel familiar chances are you could have known them in a past life!

A few advantages of past life regression can be:

  • Clear emotional stress, trauma, and physical issues
  • Calm feelings of anxiety and/or depression find answers to deep fears
  • Heal troubled relationships
  • Understand and change behaviors, patterns, and tendencies
  • Uncover gifts, talents, and abilities from your past life and manifest those in this life
  • Reveal past life souls you know from this life
  • Mentally, emotionally and spiritually unify past life experiences with your soul’s current life lessons
  • Deeply connect with your Spiritual Self and Highest Self
  • Receive spiritual guidance and direction from your soul
  • Experience universal wisdom and peace and understanding not always available in our 3D bodies

Past Life Regression for Depression, Confidence, and Joyful Past Life Soul Memories

There are other exciting ways in which Past Life Regression can be used. We can focus on the positive, rather than going after traumatic or troubling memories. PLRT is used to enhance one’s life by allowing individuals to call back their power. To ‘own,’ reclaim or rediscover gifts, abilities, and talents from past lives; and to carry forward wonderful emotions for both healing, power, growth, and expansion!

Witnessing your strengths and accomplishments from prior lifetimes can be brought forward to increase confidence and effectiveness in the present. Everyone should be confident it ultimately makes you feel good about yourself. It helps you become more active and ready to take on life’s daily lessons and basque in all its glory.

Re-experiencing a happy, successful lifetime; this can bring a sense of balance, comfort, security, and peace when undergoing difficult and tough times. This allows us to feel hope and pushes us to work through life’s very temporary difficulties. Bad times don’t last, and good times don’t last. Life has many lessons for us and past life regression and bring joy, healing, and hope back into one’s life.

Understanding The Present With Past Life Regression

Viewing your akashic record can clarify direction and life purpose by viewing your ‘blueprint’ for this lifetime. 

When you view prior lifetimes where you were with your current loved ones you can observe how you behaved and treated each other in past lives and use the lessons learned in those lives to build a stronger bond in this life. Experiencing a past life with a loved one who is currently in spirit in this lifetime allows you to feel a sense of peace and comfort to know that our loved ones are always with us. Viewing our past life experiences helps us better understand life lessons we have undergone, connections we have with others and the beautiful strong (or not so strong) bonds with our families.

Experiencing past life aggression for ourselves can help us come to a place of love, acceptance, and stillness that can give us access to the wisdom, peace, and guidance that is available from the spiritual realms. This intention lets our higher minds take control, it ultimately raises our vibration, fuels our self-confidence, and allows our guides can assess our progress and give us direction for our current lifetime

Past life regression therapy can strengthen the clarity of the spiritual nature of our very existence. We can re-discover ourselves and our soul purpose. We can even better understand some of those around us allowing for more fulfilling and deep connections. 

The best part about the healing power of the Akashic Records? Anyone can access these!

How does one view their past lives? 

First, you set your intention. Past lives cannot be view unless you are coming from a place of pure love, acceptance, honesty, and understanding. Past lives are usually only shown for lessons and deeper soul understanding. Make sure when you do this exercise you don’t hold any expectations, fear, or judgment. Allow the visions to come and they will once you are in a deepened meditative state. Your soul will show you what you need to see. 

You can say or think to yourself something along the lines of:

“I would like to view a past life for deeper understanding and higher awareness…. With only loving intentions for my highest understanding.”

After you set your intention proceed to do breath awareness meditation until you reach a trance state and the visions start flowing in. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, stay patient they will come. You must have a clear mind and be in the present moment to view the past and the future.

“If you want to know the past, look at your present.

If you want to know the future, look at your present.”

…Gautama Buddha

Blessings to you on your spiritual journey.


About Angela Lynn Brown

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and is always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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