What Being in Alignment Actually Means and How You Know When You Are

Guest Post by Tahmina Safi

Image by PRISCILLA du PREEZ / Unsplash

I love to use the phrase ‘being in alignment to your soul, your spirit, your essence, etc.” when I am speaking on anything spiritual. My whole journey and purpose are tied to being, well, aligned to my soul. I guess once you heal, you just know what it means and how it feels, kind of like being in love. But, I’ve been asked recently what exactly that means and how you know if you are or aren’t, so I thought I’d write about it.

Before my spiritual awakening, I was lost. I was just a body wandering around the Earth, finding ways to fit in, get out or get by. I went to college and chose a major that seemed to be a good choice my parents would like…healthcare. I got overly attached to my relationships and completely lost myself in them. I hung out with the same types of people in the same small community, just because it was there and convenient. I always felt something missing amongst these people. I felt uncomfortable, judged, and confined. I got mediocre jobs, that didn’t excite me or fulfill me at all, just to make some money like the rest of the world. I had major social anxiety and turned to weed to help me overcome it. I did it every single day for 10 years. It helped get me out of my shell, but I kept doing it for the wrong reasons.

I put on a happy, tough face to the world, but I’d come home every night, depressed, depleted. I woke up anxious, agitated. The vicious cycle went on for over a decade. This cycle of being what the world wanted and expected, rather than living in my own power and knowing my self-worth. Then the year that changed my life came along. In the span of a few months, I lost my grandmother who I was very close to, I got fired from 3 jobs in a row, and I received a possession of marijuana charge. I saw it so clearly. The Divine was speaking to me. I was completely aimless and faithless, and so my world was shaken up to wake me up.

After years of doing shadow work, energy healing, meditation, reading, classes, and light work, I came out on the other side, in alignment to my soul. I uncovered all of my limiting beliefs of low self-confidence, insignificance, etc. I removed all of the conditioning from family, society, peers. It took a long time. Years later, I found I was still making choices that didn’t feel good to me because it was what was expected. I wouldn’t speak up or hold my ground. All of the ‘misalignment’ would manifest physically with gut health problems or skin issues.

Slowly and many years later, after many lessons from the Universe, I stepped into my true power. I said what I felt and only did what felt good to me with no apologies or explanations. I set strong boundaries. I stopped needing anything external to feel comfortable, to feel whole. I never smoked weed again because I used to do it to calm my anxiety, but I didn’t have it anymore. I quit my job and started my own business. I found real love, mended broken relationships, and let go of many that were not serving my highest good. I created my dream life, the way that truly felt good to me, to my SOUL.

I finally heard my own soul. I saw her, felt her, and listened. She said, “Finally! Your mind and body were so exhausted, depressed, anxious, sick, angry, fearful, and lacked self-love because you were so out of touch with Me.” I asked, “But, who are you?” She replied, “I am the Universe, The Divine, GOD within you. When you are in alignment with me, you are being your Higher Self.”

So, how will you know you are in alignment? Your beliefs are yours. Your thoughts are yours. Your life is yours. You respond, act and speak from a place of grace and faith, rather than from fear. You make all of your choices based on what feels truly good to you in your body. You move mindfully, intentionally, and with awareness. You have purpose, you have passion. You take care of yourself and are in touch with your inner compass. You surround yourself with like-minded, supportive souls, You do not fear being alone or death. You do not live in scarcity or lack. The work you do is meaningful and makes you feel alive. You see meaning and messages in everything. You love, you accept and you are at peace.

So, now, are you listening to your soul?


About Tahmina Safi

Tahmina Safi is a writer, poet, and spiritual life coach. Check out her Instagram @tahminasafi_. She is also CEO of her own self-development lifestyle brand, AromaPoetry. She finds it odd to label herself as being anything other than just a soul carrying out its purpose, but she understands she has to write bios sometimes ;) She is an 80s baby who loves the simple things in life. She currently lives just outside of Washington DC.

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