When The Pain Went Away

Guest Post by Katy Wise

Image by Paulina K / Unsplash

It was just an ordinary day full of the traditional hope and promise of a new day. Like each day she woke up before she was ready but always thankful to have woken up. She ran through the mental to-do list for the day which seemed to be never-ending.

Just one more day and she would be seeing him. Just one more day and the mental to do list reviewing could be set aside. Just one more day and she would be in pure bliss.

Then the day began and went as her days normally went. The day was not amazing but the day was not terrible. The day was a simple day before an actual wonderful day.

But then the phone rang and the world came to a halt. The information poured through her ears like heavy goo that sucked out excitement as it entered each crevice of her mind. He didn’t care that she had been looking forward to the next day.

It was then that the cool façade broke. The weeks of ignored hurt flooded into her heart like a damn finally breaking against a surging river. Suddenly her ordinary day became a painful one.

She wondered how someone could physically handle so much sorrow. There must be a better way to deal with such a day. This was an experience and feeling she was not ready for.

It was then her mind started to churn and devise ways in which to stop feeling the hurt. There were ways to ensure that her days would never again be painful. However, deep down in her heart she knew that there was one ultimate solution to which she wanted to explore.

In between the sobs and moans, she checked her medicine cabinet’s inventory. She read labels and instructions to ensure she was picking the correct remedy. To calm down she took a hot shower.

Once the nervousness started to subside, the calm settled in. She went about her task with the greatest precision and accuracy. But before she finished she hoped it was worth it.


About Katy Wise

Katy Wise grew up in the gorgeous Ithaca, NY and currently enjoys the warmer weather of Texas. An IT Consultant by day, Katy has always found joy and inner peace in writing and incorporates it into her daily self-care routine. She is excited to share her work with the Enlightenedhood community!

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