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The universe is a powerful and inter-connected web of energy that we are scientifically just starting to understand. Whether connecting to the Galaxies, the Earth, or something in between, there is limitless potential to harness all that you desire.

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The Endless Wisdom of the Akashic Records with Laura Byrne

Angel Guide Laura Byrne demystifies the Akashic Records and how they play a role in our healing and expansion.

Tap Into Fun and The Universe Will Show You Magic

Laura Medrano explains how following the fun, bliss, and joy, you can uncover your passion and purpose.

Chakra Series: Earth Star, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway

Did you know we have more than 7 Chakras? Learn about the Earth Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras.

Where Community Meets Spiritual Growth

We know how lonely the spiritual path can be. That's why we've created our global spiritual community, The Enlightenedhood Garden. Inside you will find:

  • Like-minded souls
  • Curated spiritual tools + wisdom
  • A social media like feel without the bs
  • Community events + workshops
  • A safe space to be all that you are and shine your light

No stigmas. No judgment. Just love. Did we mention it's also completely free?

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Interview with the Universe

Krista Xiomara interview’s The Universe

Stepping into Shamanism

Shaman Sita Hagenburg Kelly shares her journey to stepping into her role as a healer after living in a convent for 14 years.

Are You a Lightworker?

Here’s everything you need to know about Lightworkers and signs you might be one.

Understanding Starseeds and The Council of Light

Amy Sikarskie shares everything you need to know about the mission of Starseeds and Lightworkers.

How to Notice Signs from the Universe

Are you aware of the signs the Universe is always sending you? Here’s how to tune in.

Everything You Need to Know About Past Life Regression

Angela Lynn Brown shares how to access your past lives.

Servitors: All About Thoughtform Entities

Angela Lynn Brown explains thoughtforms and servitors.

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