I Am Nurturing
My Relationships

When we start to work on ourselves, that awareness ripples into our relationships with our family, friends, and significant others.

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Traversing the history of LGBTQ+ Spirituality and Multicultural Traditions on Death with Tomás Prower

Tomás Prower discusses his books on LGBTQ+ Spirituality and Multicultural Traditions about Death.

Chakra Series: Heart

Learn how to balance and nurture your heart chakra to cultivate more love and access the universe within.

Honoring the Synchronicity of Relationships

Krista Xiomara shares how each relationship in your life is meant to serve a purpose for your growth.

Where Community Meets Spiritual Growth

We know how lonely the spiritual path can be. That's why we've created our global spiritual community, The Enlightenedhood Garden. Inside you will find:

  • Like-minded souls
  • Curated spiritual tools + wisdom
  • A social media like feel without the bs
  • Community events + workshops
  • A safe space to be all that you are and shine your light

No stigmas. No judgment. Just love. Did we mention it's also completely free?

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Christmas Mourning

A poem about grieving a loved one during the holiday season.

Cultivating More Love

Author Padma Gordon shares how we can act with more love towards ourselves as well as our partners.

How to Create More Intentional Moments as Busy Parents

Health and Wellness Coach Abha Sharma shares how she creates presence at the dinner table.

Why Your Spirituality Triggers Others

Leena Lemos shares how to navigate when others can’t understand your spiritual path.

The Resurgence of Sacred Sisterhood

Here’s how to heal and honor your relationships with other women despite centuries of mistrust.

The Power of Living Your Truth

We hear it all the time in spiritual jargon, but what does living your truth actually mean?

Mindset Shifts for Healthy Relationships

Global Relationship Strategist Somalia Brown shares the biggest mindset hurdles we need to conquer for healthy relationships.

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