I Am Raising a
Conscious Lineage

Leading the next generation with intention is one of the most profound ways to shift our human collective. Whether you're raising spiritual kids, healing your inner child, or learning to re-parent yourself, there is so much power in your lineage.

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My interview with Founder of Conscious Bedtime Story Club Andrew Newman

Conscious Children's author Andrew Newman discusses giving kids the skills they need to connect with themselves and others.

Helping Children Understand Their True Selves: Interview with Author Kristin Gattens

Leena Lemos sits down with author Kristin Gattens to learn how we can talk to our kids about and support them in their spiritual path.

Consciously Navigating Pregnancy and Parenthood in a Pandemic

Author of Raising Generation C: Pregnancy, Pandemic, Parenting Angelika Sharma shares how expecting parents can navigate this life chapter during a pandemic.

Where Community Meets Spiritual Growth

We know how lonely the spiritual path can be. That's why we've created our global spiritual community, The Enlightenedhood Garden. Inside you will find:

  • Like-minded souls
  • Curated spiritual tools + wisdom
  • A social media like feel without the bs
  • Community events + workshops
  • A safe space to be all that you are and shine your light

No stigmas. No judgment. Just love. Did we mention it's also completely free?

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Mindful Parenting: Using Intentional Language

Parenting with a Punch Founder Amanda Houle shares how to use more mindful language with your children.

Empowering Your Birth Story

Balance Lifestyle Coach and Podcaster Sarah M. Bivens shares how we can seek power in sharing our birth stories.

When Adversity Becomes Our Greatest Teacher

Karen Cervantes Jimenez shares how she embraces Autism as her spiritual teacher.

5 Things We Say to New Moms and How We Can Do Better

People say shallow things to pregnant women. Let’s change the conversation.

Creating Space for Representation and Vulnerability

Founder of @plussizebreasteeding Suzanne Gillies-Smith shares what it means to be vulnerable for our kids.

Conquering the Mother Load of Motherhood

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kaitlin Soul shares how to manage the stress of parenthood.

Rewriting Your Motherhood Story

Founder of Finding Your Momtra Karen Liebner shares how to create your own version of “mom.”

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