The Telepathic Human

Guest Post by Angela Lynn Brown

Image by WILLIAM FARLOW / Unsplash

Humans are amazing energetic creatures. We are made of energy, and we have energy meridians (or chakra centers) within our body. When these energy centers are cleansed and clear we can tap into our wonderful psychic senses that help us feel, see, hear, taste and smell things that are our of our regular physical senses ability. 

Telepathy is when communication occurs between minds, or mind-to-mind communication (telepathically). Mental telepathy communication includes thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, and mental images. This is communication between two minds, while the people are separated over a distance, without the use of the five physical senses 

Have you ever thought about something quietly to yourself only to have the friend sitting next to you say it? Have you ever just known what your partner was craving for dinner because you had a random thought about one of their favorite foods and just KNEW at a soul level it was them? What about thinking of a relative only to have them call you the same day? These are just a few examples of spontaneous mind to mind communication or telepathy. Telepathic communication comes in subtlety and is in the form of a thought. 

True telepathic communication is fast…almost instantaneous. This often causes people to ignore or overlook it. it happens so quickly that we often just miss it unless we are really paying attention. Telepathic communication is usually surprising and unexpected. 

Telepathy is a natural ability and language that is shared universally by all species. We are remembering, rediscovering, and reawakening this ability. When we first start off on our psychic and spiritual journey we can often confuse our own thoughts and feelings with thoughts and feelings that are coming from another being. When this happens you can simply quiet your mind and ask: is this mine? Trust the answers you receive. 

Telepathy is also how psychic mediums commune with the deceased. The speak to them telepathically or mentally. First they clear their mind, raise their vibration, and channel the message from spirit. 

How can you further develop recognizing when telepathy occurs? Try breath awareness meditation. When your mind is clear of thoughts you are able to recognize when telepathy occurs because as you focus on only your breath you will not you will not be having any thoughts of your own. When you learn to completely clear your mind you will be a clear channel for spiritual connection and communication. After you learn to calm you mind practice with a friend, send a telepathic message to call you and see if they do. You can also practice psychic readings with friends and search for ways to fine tune and strengthen your clairaudience. 

One of my favorite ways to practice my clairaudience is with a pendulum. I ask questions and I start to hear the answer before the pendulum moves when the pendulum answers match the answers you receive you know you are in tune with the answers spirit is giving you. 


About Angela Lynn Brown

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and is always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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