Religious and Social Conditioning: How Does It Affect Spirit Communication?

Guest Post by Angela Lynn Brown

Image by Steinar Engeland / Unsplash

The mind is a beautiful yet dangerous place and our beliefs quite literally shape our reality. Our beliefs can serve us, or eventually, we may end up serving them. Let’s talk about religious and social conditioning and the many forms it comes in. We will target limiting core beliefs based on religious and social constructs and how to overcome them.

Evidential Mediumship

In the mediumship community, we strive for evidence-based spirit communication. What this means is that we have connected to a spirit and given evidence from the spirit realm that is true and valid. We face the reality of the spirit world and bring messages from deceased loved ones to their friends and family in the physical world. Knowing spirit exists and guides us from the other side brings healing, hope, and faith in the despair of grief. Mediumship is moving and life-altering. Knowing we still exist in energetic form after we have passed away allows us to face our fear of death and to understand why we are here in the first place, to expand our collective consciousness. This is why evidential mediumship is so important. It’s reality-based spirit communication and when someone experiences it themselves, they’re launched into a space of limitlessness. This is everyone’s true form, a limitless spirit.

I deeply believe everyone has the ability to connect to the other side but some of the conditioning we absorb and identify within childhood and adulthood can greatly limit our psychic and mediumship abilities. Fear, shame, doubt, and extreme religious beliefs can greatly distort the reality of the spirit world.

What types of beliefs distort the reality of the spirit world?

For instance; believing in hell and that people will suffer because of immoral acts is merely a fear-based projection of someone’s deep-rooted shame and fear of the reality we live in. It’s a shadow projection embedded deep into some individual’s core consciousness. These beliefs stem from traumatic belief systems passed down generation to generation. Thoughtforms (or the beliefs we think about often) like these come from experiences we have in life and can be very limiting. It’s not our fault that we were taught these beliefs, but it was our doing in identifying with them. The good news about limiting core beliefs? We can let go of these.

Personal perceptions and moral viewpoints, how are we all different?

Each person was raised differently, some people were raised to be modest when it comes to dressing or expressing themselves – to cover up.  To speak softly and to be polite. Some of us were raised to believe virginity is sacred and we should wait for marriage. On the flip side, some of us were raised to be more open. To feel less shame for our bodies, and that our worth cannot and will not ever be depleted by something as natural as sex. Some of us were taught to speak up and speak out when it comes to our opinions, while others were taught it was rude or unruly to speak up about certain topics. Each individual involved in the collective consciousness has very different perceptions and very different moral viewpoints.

These limiting religious beliefs don’t just stem from a Christian or Catholic viewpoint, they stem from every single religion. The reason I chose those two religions as the first examples is because they are two of the most common religions in America at this point in time. Satanists, Buddhists, Wiccans, and even Muslims can all have limiting beliefs embedded in their core consciousness. Anytime we place our innate personal power [the God-like aspects of ourselves, our divine nature] outside of ourselves things can get very confusing.

I have run into many “mediums” who are somewhat stuck in a fantasy reality they have created themselves. They seem to give readings on mythological creatures and connect to Gods and Goddesses, which is amazing and inspiring but if these are the ONLY beings you connect to, you may be limiting yourself and may actually be completely leading the reading. Imagination is the key to opening yourself up to spirit, but you must know there is a difference in real spirit communication and getting lost in a fantasy land you have created by the limits of your mind.

As a clairvoyant, I can see energy and spirit very clearly. I have seen elementals that some people call faeries, but I know exactly what they are. The energy of the elements, very intelligent energy but they are just that… energy. I work with The Ascended Masters, beings like Gods and Goddesses because some of these beings actually did exist, they were living humans long ago so they can be reached in spirit. Working with the Ascended Masters is a wonderful way to learn from them and embody their archetypes. We can learn what they learned while they were alive. They do not work for us, they work with us. They teach us amazing techniques to use in our everyday lives and we must embody those teachings.

Many times I’ve ran into self-proclaimed mediums who cannot make it past this point. They only want to connect with Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddess, Entities, and intellegent beings like Demons but cannot seem to make it past this belief system. This is due to extreme religious conditioning. It’s very easy to say you have summoned an Ascended Master, God, Goddess, or Demon because the information is written everywhere. This is how spirit communication is influenced with religious conditioning. These beliefs can empower us, but they can also lead to our ultimate demise when we truly want to develop past the limiting aspects of our minds. They can leave us stuck in a fantasy land we’ve created and ultimately cause us to not give credit where credit is due; our spirit guides.

Real human spirit guides.

Social Conditioning and Spiritual Hierarchies

All of us have human spirit guides. We come here to experience life, and life itself is almost like a large school. We experience many things during our physical lives like sickness, loss, grief, joy, success, and pure ecstasy. Each experience beautiful, and some very painful. All experiences are learning experiences. When we believe in a spiritual hierarchy we are merely projecting our own social conditioning onto a realm that is completely limitless for every single spirit. Sometimes we are taught to believe Gods, Goddesses, and Demons are spirits that are somehow above us and more important than human spirits.

In my experience there is no hierarchy in the spirit realm, this is a physically-based construct based on an illusion that some individuals are somehow… better, a higher vibration, or more important than ourselves. This can stem from a deeply rooted sense of self-importance or on the flip side, low self-esteem. This is a class system that is created in our minds by our conditioning in the physical reality. In the physical world, we have social constructs.

Wealth and status = importance and power.

Poverty = lower level beings.

Even that is false, we are all equally amazing. We are all spirit. We are all important for the expansion of the collective consciousness.

How can we drop these limits and really connect?

In order to face the reality of spirit communication, we must drop these beliefs of moral, religious, and economic hierarchy because no matter what belief system you have we are all spirits having a human experience. This is the ultimate reality of the spirit realm. We must learn to release control and deeply embody our true nature; spirit, love, connection, understanding, and limitlessness.

Control has and will always be an illusion.

Releasing Control

When I give an evidential mediumship reading I simply ask the spirits around a person or individual to speak to me. Even if a person wants to speak to a certain spirit I never set my intention to call that spirit in because again, control is an illusion. This can ultimately cloud or lead a reading with expectation. Having expectations or deeply rooted limiting core beliefs for the spirit world means not allowing the information to flow through each of your Clair senses. We can not control spirits, just like we cannot control living people. Believing this can deeply affect your readings and ability to communicate with the spirits around a person.

Spirits don’t usually have a message or give advice because spirit knows everything happens as it’s supposed to and everything is perfect as is. They come in and say who they are, what their life was like, they give information like how they died and some of the beautiful experiences they had when they were living. They will even acknowledge the current struggles or current situation a sitter (the amazing person receiving the reading) is going through. This is just to validate that they are in fact there beside them, rooting for them on this beautiful journey of life. Not every reading is the same. The information actually comes in pretty random, but it always fits with the sitter of the reading. If it does not in fact fit, chances are the medium is not fully connected, which can happen as the connection fades or as you begin practicing mediumship. This is okay, we are all learning and growing and it takes years of practice to truly hone in and sharpen your Clair senses. It’s simply human to learn from our experiences.

How To Practice Communicating

In order to really face the reality of the spirit world, we must drop our religious, moral, and social conditioning. Truly embody knowing each and every person on this planet is a spirit having a human experience. Drop judgment with spirit communication but use discernment in your everyday life. Discernment can keep you safe in your physical life but judgment can keep you in fear when it comes to spirit communication. Embody the fact that control is an illusion, and really open up to the limitlessness and reality of the spirit world. Try learning through experience, not through reading and studying. Sit down and practice as often as you can. Practice on friends, family, and strangers. Allow the information to flow through without control, judgment, conditioning, and expectation… if you truly believe in yourself, others, and the pure connection to spirit you will most definitely surprise yourself.

Wishing you all the love on your magickal and spiritual journey.


About Angela Lynn Brown

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and always makes time to practice and perfect her craft. Find Angela Online

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