5 Spiritual Lessons from a Sh*t Ton of Healing Work in 2020

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To say that 2020 has been the most transformative year of my life wouldn’t even to begin to do my spiritual growth justice. This year has not only activated most of my spiritual gifts but has also given me the space to take an honest look in the mirror at all the emotional wounds I’ve been carrying around for 15+ years.

In the beginning of 2020, my body was riddled with inflammation, infections, and I still felt like I was trying to force myself into what I believed a spiritual person should look like. While I existed in the spiritual community and was devoted to a meditation practice, I hadn’t yet done the healing work to make space for more growth.

Enter the pandemic that truly forced me to go inward and truly look at all that I was still carrying with me. It’s been a messy and intense ride since I dove deep into my shadow work, but it has expanded my consciousness in unimaginable ways.

5 Lessons for Spiritual Growth

Here’s 5 things I’ve learned along the way, and before we dive in, perhaps the biggest lesson? We all have access to these ideas right now. You just have to remember that you have the power.

Always Choose Love

As souls having a human experience, we tend to forget how simple it is to access the highest frequency of all…love. Whether it’s your thoughts about yourself or the way you respond to your loved ones, in every single moment, you get to choose love. How amazing is that? In each now moment, you have access to the most potent energy of all. How will you use it to transform your life?

Everything is Energy

Just like you, everything on this planet holds a vibrational frequency. The food you eat. The content you consume. Your emotions. Your relationships. Are you conscious of the effects that things of a lower frequency have on your energetic body? Do you have boundaries to help protect and maintain your own high frequency? When we operate understanding that everything in our lives is energy, we can better navigate our spiritual expansion by clearing out the things that have a negative effect on our vibrational state.

You Have the Power in Your Healing

One of the hardest pills to swallow on my self-healing and spiritual growth journey has been that my own lack of self-love has been the root cause for a lot of hurt in my life. When we carry emotional baggage, it’s really easy to place the blame and the responsibility on someone else. “They hurt me, so I cannot heal until there is closure or justice.” But will there ever be? You are the only one who gets to decide how you feel and you are the only one who has the capability to heal the wound and release it from your story.

The Universe Matches Your Frequency

When we heal, manifest, and change our internal state, our external environment will shift to match. This means that things in our lives will change too, whether it be relationships or opportunities that fall away, new jobs or relationships, or a new perspective on the current state of your life. The external will always match the internal, but not without a dismantling of things that are not aligned with the current version of who we are.

Are You a Sovereign Being?

We are infiltrated with so many different perspectives. Whether it’s the news, our friends and family, or social media, we continuously consume truths separate from our own. An essential part of spiritual growth happens when we reclaim our sovereignty. Your personal power. Your personal beliefs. Your personal truth. We were raised in systems that are meant to convince us that power exists outside of ourselves, but the truth is, you have it all. If you are interested in learning more about sovereignty, check out a piece I wrote on how to use it to cope with our current global crisis.

I know so many of us on the spiritual path have seen spiritual transformation like no other in 2020, so tell me in the comments below, what was your biggest lesson from this year?

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