Alignment, Intuition and Optimism with Alisha Hawrylysyzn Frank


Alisha is the founder of Fiercely Optimistic based in New York and San Diego. She is a coach, healer, Reiki Master, yoga, and meditation teacher.

Her work focuses on giving each client she interacts with the opportunity to expand their inner growth gaining necessary self-confidence and to identify their own meaningful truth including a clearer recognition of their personal values and realistic goals while being nurtured with positive reinforcement.

In our interview she discusses the simple ways we can tune into our intuition and listen for its gentle guidance and more obvious alerts. She shares how listening to your intuition can help you stay aligned and focused on the spiritual path. Building our intuition is something that takes practice and patience to wade through the white noise of our thoughts to hone in on what is truly intuition and what is not.

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Alisha Hawrylyszyn Frank, founder of Fiercely Optimistic developed to help people through life coaching, Reiki, meditation and yoga. Alisha shares her life journey, offers important advice about following your intuition, and how to live in alignment with your life. We chat about depression and how anyone is susceptible. Alisha provides a list of practices that keep her grounded when bouts of depression arise.

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