Creating Financial Core Values to Help Direct Abundance with Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

Money is one of those topics most people are not sure how to navigate. In the spiritual world it can be even more uncomfortable when we are all striving to serve and be of service to the collective. In my interview with Sarah Matthews we talk about gaining a better understanding of how to co-create with money and what to do when you draw in abundance from it.

Sarah had a deep spiritual awakening when she lost her father and she was thrust into a deep grieving process. She was overwhelmed by her loss and struggling to keep herself healthy at this time. When a friend visited with her and noticed her drastic physical change which prompted Sarah to discover the truth about how disease in the body can create negative energy. It was an “aha” moment for her and allowed her the grace to continue to process her grief, but from a new and higher vibrational perspective. Sarah talks about how she started reframing how she remembered her father and replacing the sadness and thoughts of loss, with more positive memories. This experienced alchemized her trauma into healing and shifted the way she interacted with her thoughts.

Sarah said, “We can’t always control how we feel, but we can control what think about” She applied this new profound way of thinking to her business life and dove head first into helping people alchemize their negative feelings and emotions around money into positive, reinforcing, higher vibrational thoughts.

Sarah is a certified financial planner, after her awakening she transitioned full time into being a spiritual entrepreneur helping others create a better mindset around money. She encourages the listeners to start first by creating core values around money. As we grow into adulthood we have to evaluate our relationship with money in relation to the people we learned from and their stories about money, wealth, and abundance. First by recognizing that it is not our story and we must begin by writing a new one that is centered around our own core values. After core values Sarah says the next step is creating a plan to ensure that debts and bills are on automated plan to alleviate undo worry and create a full proof spending strategy. That will allow you the flexibility to reach for financial goals and rewards with the money you are bringing in through your work and services.

Finally create a Monthly Money Date–with yourself. Sarah reminds the audience that taking time to align your financial goals, hopes and strategies is sacred growth. It is the singular moment when we can put light and positivity around our financial situation without the stress of old stories or the chaos of everyday life. It is where you meet your future self and creating this intentional space to face your old conditioning and fears is how you release yourself from what no longer serves you.

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Show notes

Sarah Matthews is a former financial planner, holds a degree in Economics and Finance and an advanced degree of Financial Planning. She is an NLP Practitioner and a Money mindset coach. Sarah talks about creating core values and direction for your abundance. Doing this opens you up and let’s the universe knows you’re ready to receive more because you have a plan and purpose that fits with your financial core values. She stresses the importance of creating a monthly money date with yourself that is sacred—so you can align your financial wishes, goals and aspirations while facing any blocks and conquering any fear or confusion you might have. Doing this is an act of love to intentionally create your future. To find out more about Sarah head over to her website and follow her on Instagram @mindfullywealthy.
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