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Anika Spencer is the mind behind Yogi Gone Rogue. She is a kindred spirit and I met her at an Elizabeth Gilbert conference where our friendship has turned eternal. Anika and I had similar upbringings and her first two episodes on the I’m Awake! Now What? Podcast remain the most listened to episodes. Where she recounts her departure from Mormonism and coming home to herself through her spiritual journey and practices.

In this interview Anika discusses her book (which you can also find on our resources page) “Talking To Truth: An Intuition Workbook: Learn to Hear, Speak, and Trust Your unique Intuitive Language”

It’s a roadmap and lifesaver for anyone who is trying to develop their intuition in an authentic and centered way. Her book is meant to help the reader create their own language with intuition so they can co-create seamlessly and feel supported in every decision, small or large.

Anika Spencer is a Yogi, Coach, and Teacher. To learn more about her head over to her website and follow her on Instagram @yogigonerogue

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Show notes

Anika Spencer visits the podcast to discuss the inspiration behind her new book "Talking To Truth: An Intuition Workbook: Learn to Hear, Speak, and Trust Your unique Intuitive Language" She shares the reasons she was compelled to create this book. Anika also helps the audience by providing wisdom and guidance for locating and listening to your intuition. Anika and I also discuss our stories of staying on the spiritual path and how at times it can feel isolated and lonely.

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