Owning Your Narrative with Kristine McGlinchey-Yap


Leena discusses the power of intention and words with author Kristine McGlinchey-Yap and questions whether they are a potent yet overlooked tool for our spiritual practice. Kristine reminds us that sometimes the most simple practices are the ones that will truly help us grow.

Kristine is also sharing the inspiration behind her book, Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms, and how motherhood awakened her to the disconnection from her mind, body, and soul.


Kristine McGlinchey-Yap is an author, conscious communicator and the mindful momma behind OM Mommas, a community dedicated to conscious parenting. With over a decade of experience in corporate communications, she has transitioned her leadership skills into providing women with guidance into stepping into their journey to motherhood. With loyal advocacy she supports and encourages women to claim their power and own their motherhood experience by making choices that align with their mind, body and spirit. She believes women have the potential to birth a more loving world when they become more caring, empowered and conscious themselves. Her first book “Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms” is available on Amazon.

For resources and more information, please visit www.ommommas.com. Join the community on Facebook and Instagram at @OMMommas.

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