Normalizing Our Wounds with Marilys Candelario


Is calling it “an awakening” a disservice to what we experience? That’s what Marilys Candelario and Leena Lemos are diving into on this episode of the Enlightenedhood Podcast. Marilys shares her journey of self-awareness and all the unlearning that had to happen to step into this new version of herself.

Whether indoctrinated by religion, media, our societal norms, there are a lot of layers to unpack and Marilys provides empowering insight to what healing and growth actually look like.


Marilys Candelario is a Latina mama of two, HR professional and motherhood advocate. She created Mari Vega, LLC as a platform that serves women and aspires to promote a social justice movement for American parents. Marilys is on a mission to support women in tapping into their intuition, so they can nurture their entire selves and experience motherhood with confidence. Her personal and professional experiences evoke a deep sense of advocacy to voice the vulnerabilities of womanhood and parenthood. As an author, coach, speaker, and podcaster, Marilys gives voice to the raw, vulnerable, truths of motherhood and offers coaching and support for breastfeeding and VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) mamas.

Marilys is from Ponce, Puerto Rico, and together with her husband Pablo Candelario, they are breaking generational barriers and raising a first-generation family in New Jersey. She would describe herself as a vulnerability practitioner and nurturing empath, with a passion for practicing yoga and listening to reggaeton.

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