Religious Wounding & Trauma Collective: IANW Summer Series Week 1


Gerd Altmann

For many of us on the path of spirituality, our first step was out of our religion of origin and usually onto the road of rebellion. My experience of early childhood religious wounding and trauma would inform the way I viewed the world and myself. Deciding to walk away from my religion of origin as an adult would add an additional and unexpected layer of religious wounding and trauma.

My healing and homecoming has been deeply rooted in making sense of my religious experience, unlearning and breaking my own domestication to emerge as myself fully formed and whole. Years ago I made a promise to myself that once I had healed these heavy wounds, I would spend my life helping other’s do the same. My first avenue of support came in the form of my podcast, I’m Awake! Now What? Born from the question we all ask ourselves once we break our domestication and peel the veil of old conditioning off our eyes to see ourselves and the world clearly for the first time. A rebirth. You are now awakened, what is your next step?

In the summer of 2020 I decided to chronicle all the steps I took to heal my religious wounding and trauma in an eight week series called: “Releasing Religion, Inner Healing and Coming Home to Yourself.” It is a roadmap for the seeker who has been injured by their religious experience and wishes to not only be healed but to come home to themselves.  It is my gift to you, the aspirant who is looking for a future that is bright, hopeful, and authentic.

There is a great deal of reconciliation that occurs internally when you start to heal from your religious experience. It’s cumbersome. It’s teaching your brain a new way of thinking. It’s incurring additional injury if the people from your life still hold tight to their religious beliefs, but can no longer hold you tightly. It’s painstaking work to undo all the psychological, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage. It’s finding the confidence and strength to stay the course, even if you are on the path alone and people are confused by your decisions. It’s honoring the truth of your experience and your wish to move on.  It’s having faith, in yourself.

There are not a lot of resources to help nurture this type of healing and as I state in the summer series you will begin to start to curate your own unique set of tools to help you heal and become empowered.  As you come home to yourself, you will strengthen that small voice inside of you that knows exactly what you need.

I wish you well on your healing journey.


You can complete the full eight week course by clicking the links below that will lead you all 8 weeks.

Week 2: Doubt and Walking Away

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Show notes

Your host Krista Xiomara has created a free 8 week learning course for the podcast summer series called "Releasing Religion, Inner Healing and Coming Home to Yourself." For the next 8 weeks Krista Xiomara will share her account of leaving her religion of origin, surviving religious trauma and wounding, creating inner healing and coming home to herself. The intention and purpose of this 8 week series is to provide a safe space for individuals to explore, create and release belief systems. The mission and vision for this series is to usher in a global expansion of our communities through open-dialogue, spirituality, reflection, inner healing and self-love. Listeners are encouraged to participate in the weekly journaling and reflection prompts, to share your participation message the podcast at [email protected] or DM your host @ianwpodcast on Instagram.

The 8-Week Schedule is as follows.

Week 1: Religious Trauma & Wounding
Week 2: Doubt & Walking Away
Week 3: Embracing Uncertainty
Week 4: Inner Healing
Week 5: Awakening
Week 6: Finding Your Truth
Week 7: Building Support Systems
Week 8: Coming Home to Yourself
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"I'm Awake! Now What?" was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday, your host Krista Xiomara sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and personal development. Her hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey.

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