Religious Wounding & Trauma Collective: IANW Summer Series Week 3


Greg Montani

Week 3 of the summer series is about Embracing Uncertainty. The great thing about organized religions is they have an answer for everything. You know what to do when you’re born. You know what to do when you’re six years old. You know what to do if you want to get married. You know who to ask about how the world was formed. You know exactly where you will go after you die (depending on the state of your soul and/or your Abrahamic religion). You know when life starts. You know there’s only two genders. You know what your life will become according to your gender. You know God is an old gray-haired man, etc…

There is a plethora of certainty in religion.

That’s why when you leave, after you haven’t synthesized your doubt in comes uncertainty. Because if you no longer believe in the teachings of your religion of origin, what do you believe? This is when stage one panic usually sets in for most of us spiritual rebels. It is scary as hell, if you believe in that sort of place. However, I teach in week 3 to lean into the ambiguity and sweetness of the unknown. To have some compassion for yourself as a species, a species hard wired to create meaning, purpose, patterns and certainty as way to comfort ourselves and make sense of this life.

I help you understand that facing the fear of the unknown can become a spiritual practice in itself. That we also have to face the fears of our religious experience, that taught us if we left we would be abandoned by God and our church. But we can never walk away from God.

Embracing the ambiguity as a spiritual practices allows us the freedom to explore what feels true to us internally. It helps us build our internal compass and intuition to guide us along path of awakening. We have to start from scratch, literally. Deconstructing our identity and belief systems so we can uncover what we know for sure, in the depths of our soul and being. We have to create new habits and rituals that support and nourish this new path we are on to discover truth.

Embracing uncertainty as a practice means you lead our own self-education and discovery to figure out what’s next for you. What makes you happy. What needs healing. What needs forgiveness. What can you let go of? In embracing uncertainty you are liberating yourself. You learn to think for yourself, in a measured and distinguishing manner. You practice challenging what is told to you, not out of spite or general rebelliousness, but because you know that knowledge is power and you can trust ourselves to ingest information with a filter, instead of blindly.

As you do all these things you start to build your self-confidence and inner strength. You speak words of affirmation that support you new path like:

“I am making the best decision for myself at this time.”

“It is safe for me to explore.”

“I am strong and supported.”

“I am comfort not knowing everything, at this time.”

Cultivating self-confidence and inner strength is supported by, the act of not turning away from yourself in the face of uncertainty and always holding yourself in unconditional positive regard for the choices and thoughts you have. You practice not explaining yourself or your moves to anyone, even though at time you might feel compelled to do so. The goal is to create a protective bubble around yourself as you figure the next part of your life, your belief systems, your relationship with The Divine and everything in between.


You can complete the full 8 week course by clicking the links below that will lead you all 8 weeks.

Week 2: Doubt and Walking Away 

Week 4: Inner Healing 

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Show notes

Hello Sweet Souls and welcome back to Week 3 of the podcast Summer Series with your host Krista Xiomara, who has created a free 8-Week learning course called "Releasing Religion, Inner Healing and Coming Home to Yourself."

Week 3 is centered around Embracing Uncertainty. Growing up in a strict Catholic home and community my religious experience indoctrinated within me a strong sense of certainty, about everything. In religious experiences you given a lot of absolutes and a lot of certainty. You know what your life is supposed to be, who you are supposed to love, what you are supposed to believe (and not believe), who you were supposed to marry, you know "right and wrong" and you know (usually without a shadow of doubt) what will happen to you when you die if you lived a "good" life.

This week my focus is to help you embrace the uncertainty of:

1) Not knowing
2) Figuring out what you believe in
3) Trusting yourself
4) Being unafraid to face fear
5) Unlearning
6) Creating practices and space for you to find happiness and stability in your new life.
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