Developing Self-Love and Being Whole with Fabi Dorea

Fabi Dorea

Developing self-love and remembering we are whole human beings is what Fabi Dorea is all about. In our interview she talks about how she had the perfect life, perfect job, perfect body, perfect family and still she felt a deep sinking sadness and longing for something she could not describe. She felt disconnected and discontented in herself, despite everything she had and had become. She grew up in a traditional Brazilian household where her siblings and everyone around her followed the same trajectory: grow up, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, and settle down quietly in a life and home.  Fabi longed for something different.

Her discontent started to bubble up after she left law school and was working as a successful lawyer, she decided to leave her family in Brazil and her high paying job to move to London on a whim to reconnect with herself and deconstruct her identity. She wanted to know the answer to the question of “What am I doing here?” She was in an existential crisis, like many of us on the spiritual path find ourselves in.

Fabi realized in her journey that in order to get to the root of what was disconnecting her, she would need to face the shadow sides of herself. To look deeply into her own mind and see that her judgments were projections, her criticisms of others were just reflections of what she felt inside for herself. She emerged from this experience in the light of self-acceptance. Realizing that we are the keepers of our own connection, we are not damaged, or broken. We are whole and it is our duty to remember this and honor it daily, even when we feel separated from ourselves and others.

Fabi eventually answered the question of her own existence and now spends her time helping to inspire others to come home to themselves, to heal, to face the yucky shadow stuff and love oneself unconditionally.

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Show notes

This week I sit down with Fabi Dorea. Fabi is a lawyer, Self-Love Expert, Women's Empowerment Advocate, International Speaker and Writer. Fabi and I discuss finding yourself and creating your own unique authenticity. Fabi talks about how to listen to yourself and challenge societal and cultural norms that are places on us, especially if you are a woman. We conclude by reminding the audience that we are whole human beings, worthy of love, compassion, connection and long term internal happiness; that our life's work through personal development is one of coming home to ourselves. To find out more about Fabi or work with her head over to her website and follow her on Instagram @fabi_dorea

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