Cultivating More Love


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Padma Gordon is back to talk about cultivating more love in honor of her new book, “Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself and Your Partner.” Leena and Padma discuss:

  • Why love is a spiritual practice
  • How to approach yourself and your partner with more love
  • How to tend to the garden of your heart
  • How to react with more love
  • What to do when your partner isn’t at the same level of self-awareness
  • How to encourage a safe container of vulnerability
  • How to navigate love when we don’t have much bandwidth

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Padma Gordon is a Spiritual Guide, Embodied Mindfulness Counselor and Author of “Being Together: Practical Wisdom for Loving Yourself and Your Partner.” She is also a Meditation Teacher on the Insight Timer App where she is often featured as one of the Staff Picks and has over 30 meditations. Padma is a lover of life who invites people to deepen their connection to body, heart, and soul. She teaches about relationships through the lens of awakening.

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