Awakening + Healing Stories

When we hear someone's story that validates and empowers our own, we feel a little less alone on this path. Cheers to the brave souls who are sharing their journeys to help us all grow and heal.

Featuring Voices of Color in Spirituality

Divina Lopez: Finding Her Voice

Dr. Divina Lopez shares how she learned to speak her truth and break free of the beliefs she learned in childhood.

Chisato: Practicing What She Teaches

Chisato shares how mindfulness and gratitude have helped her twin sons on the spectrum.

Kristina Raqs: The Power of Intuition

Kristina Raqs shares how she healed from religion, divorce, and trauma to an empowered and divinely connected woman.

Tisha Michelle: Discovering Gifts from Grief

Tisha Michelle shares how the death of her best friend awakened her spiritual gifts and her purpose as a healer.

Sonja Thompkins: Owning My Absolute Truth

Sonja Thompkins shares how her spiritual practice has allowed her to create a life by her own design.

All Stories + Expressive Writing


Tahmina Safi shares a poem about rising to your true power.

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A poem about the power of choice and the importance of connection.

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A poem about feeling connected to and guided by “spirits” since birth.

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Always Be a Good Girl

A poem about society’s conditioning for a woman to always be “good.”

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A poem about growing up in a traumatic household and a traumatic world but within trauma is love.

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A poem about dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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The Feat

A poem about finding peace within yourself.

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Helsa Thompson: Prioritizing Self-Care

Founder of The Black Butterfly Collective, Helsa Thompson shares how she was able to spread her wings and become free from expectations.

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Who Were You Before The World Told You Who To Be?

Caitlin Blackburn shares her journey to surrendering to her true self with love.

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Laura Medrano: The Reward of Waking Up

Laura Merdano shares how her darkest moments allowed her to step into her purpose to help others heal from the inside out.

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