Bethany Evans: Empowering Through Self-Awareness

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Bethany lives in California
As an Energetically Sensitive Being, Bethany's gift is to tune into the energy and to create a safe space, offering a loving and expansive perspective of your situation during what she calls your "awakening process". She will build a trusting partnership in order for you to become fully expressed, vulnerable, and honest while exploring your inner being through the broader, more holistic view of your Higher Self. Bethany provides a real and direct communication style along with a lighthearted humor and playfulness, while always maintaining the love she came to this planet to spread! Her passion is to empower and bring out the best in YOU.

I have worked in Early Childhood Education for over 11 years, learning about how important the early years are in shaping who we become as adults, including the types of relationships we find ourselves in. I have always been a very intuitive, empathic person but hadn’t truly empowered it, and often suppressed it because of conditioning as a child. I became a mom in 2014 and was awakened to these ignored aspects of myself because of the fierce drive I felt to protect and provide the best for my son. This is when I began doing research about vaccinations, holistic medicine, and practices, organic living and lifestyles that promoted environmentalism in their products.

I completely changed the way I lived my life and opened up to a side of myself I hadn’t ever truly explored – my Feminine energy. I explored many different creative modalities as outlets, quit a full-time job to take care of my son and began working for myself as a nanny and part-time mentor teacher with CSUN and CSUCI in the Early Childhood Education programs. I realized I had many ideas about being a resource and educator for others (mostly parents at the time) and that’s where the seed for my own business was planted. I didn’t know what it would look like, but I began listening to my intuition and following the signs and breadcrumbs I saw from my Spirit guides and the Universe and taking action when I felt the urge, even if it seemed risky to everyone else.

I realized I was experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, as many call it, and began surrounding myself with information and topics about Metaphysics. This is how I came across Tarot cards, through YouTube, and was instantly drawn. I spent about 6-8 months simply watching others read Tarot before I picked up my own decks and began practicing myself. This started as a passion and grew into something I now offer to clients. Also during this process, I left a marriage that I realized had become unhealthy. This began cracking me open in ways I hadn’t expected, bringing up some very deep, dark, painful realizations about myself.

Hitting rock bottom and feeling like I had failed in my relationship and as a mother, I had no choice but to make changes. I came across an Ontological Life Coaching program through Accomplishment Coaching and this is where I chose to receive the support in my own personal transformation and healing process. I learned some amazing tips about coaching and building a business along the way, but that was not my number one goal. I wanted to become the best version of myself that I could, to improve my relationships, discover who I really was, what I really wanted, and what my purpose on this planet is.

I recognized my strengths and my passions took ownership of my life and my choices and began healing my co-dependent patterns to become more independent, and interdependent. I was not living as my authentic self, and I realized that there are many people like me who also do not know who they are, who have abandoned aspects of themselves and that I was really skilled at providing support for those people to listen to their inner guidance through my own listening, bold reflections, and messages coming through my intuition. I have developed a strong connection to Spirit and can channel energy/messages/guidance that’s necessary for my clients to have an expanded awareness of their situation, providing relief, understanding, and possibility to move forward without holding onto the old stuff that weighs them down. We can understand and reframe emotions, stories, and beliefs that keep us from living authentically!

I am passionate about inspiring others to become empowered through self-awareness, which means realizing they have the power to stand up and take ownership over their lives and choices if they are not happy with it. Everything we need lies within, and I believe this exploration of the inner self is the most important work anyone can do. This is where change happens, and this is how we will evolve – by becoming honest with ourselves, making the changes necessary within, and expressing ourselves as we truly are. We all have gifts to offer to our expansion as a species, and it is so essential that we learn to tap into them and be of service to each other. We cannot survive without each and every one of us loving ourselves and each other!

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