Camille Busson Thompson: Your Mindset is an Asset

Camille lives in United Kingdom
Camille is a children's Yoga and Mindfulness teacher turned into a Sex, Love & Empowerment Coach for mothers. Convinced that a thriving mother is a sexually empowered woman, she has been empowering mothers on this self-love journey to bring more balance, pleasure and purpose into their lives. Her mission is to help women get back in contact with their own source of power, for them to feel radiant, alive, confident, sensual and passionate… so that they can change the world!

Where did your mindfulness journey begin?

It really began with becoming a mother… As I navigating the early motherhood months I felt the urge to get back to balance with my body and mind, simply to stay sane!  

With the intensity of the first year plus the stress of going back to work, I felt that I could easily get burned if I didn’t have a regular practice to help me soothe my nervous system, be more present in my body and calm my busy mind down.

I had been practicing yoga for years and when I got back to my corporate job after my maternity leave, it didn’t take me long to realized that I needed to find a more balanced work/lifestyle. I decided to leave my job and started to train to become a yoga and mindfulness teacher.  I specialized and started to teach prenatal yoga and yoga & mindfulness to children. That was really cool to be able to share these tools with my own son too.

So I guess, yes, you could say that becoming a mother did put me on my mindfulness journey!

How has becoming a mother changed you?

Becoming a mother has been the most challenging experience of my life yet the best personal development accelerator!

I know much more who I am now. But it took me some time to find my way back to my new updated self… but both times, I came out more empowered, wise and with a bolder bigger heart.

My children are my greatest teachers. They inspire me to role model what it is like to follow your dreams, be daring and courageous no matter what the outcome, to live fully with the ups and the downs.

How has your awakened mindset affected your parenting?

To be honest, it has been challenging to break out from my own upbringing patterns. I try to be very present and to play with my sons.

My 8-year-old is very eco-conscious, we do a weekly earth hour (no electricity for an hour) where we light candles, tell stories or sing.

I encourage my children to share regularly what they are grateful for; they love this evening ritual usually before bedtime.

And I teach them to welcome and feel all of their emotions. We have pillow fights to channel anger and dance with sadness or joy.

Share with us some of your daily mindfulness or self-care rituals.

I love to start my day with some breathwork or dancing to release any stagnant emotion from my body and then a meditation to help me get grounded and centered. Most of the time I use my own guided-meditation or I simply bring awareness to my breath.

One of my favorite rituals is to consciously choose to empower a supportive identity (like the goddess in me, the business queen in me, the masterful coach in me…) when taking my shower or a bath.

During the day I regularly have dance breaks to get my energy moving and creativity flowing.

And I try to fit at least 3 jade egg practices per week to keep my energy high and support me being a mom, a woman and a badass boss.

How did you get into sexual empowerment coaching for women?

After the birth of my second son, I discovered the Jade Egg as a holistic approach to heal and strengthened my pelvic floor. This is how I met my teacher Layla Martin, and the practice changed my life on so many levels that I decided to train become a Sex, Love, and Empowerment coach. I felt called to empower women using embodied practices to liberate blockages and limiting beliefs, to heal deep unconscious patterns and wounds; and to restore their ability to fully experience, love, pleasure, and life.

How has empowering other women empowered you?

I am so passionate and feel so grateful for what I do. It fills me up to see women turning their light and power on! I am in awe of how powerful women are when they get back in touch with their own source of power when they allow themselves to follow their dreams and desires.

Receiving clients love testimonials saying I transformed their lives makes my heart sing. I also love doing workshops as we get to come together and share about our wounds and strengths. When we get together as sisters instead of competitors everything changes. We can heal together and rise higher supporting each other. I wish for every woman to experience this. Real power empowers others; the more we follow our hearts desires the more we inspire others to do so.

What advice do you have for any woman looking to step into a mindset shift?

Moving in the directions of your dreams is a combination of inner and outer work. Your mindset is a huge asset for anything you want to achieve! And especially as women we tend to struggle with believing in ourselves and in our success, we lack confidence and this translates in self-sabotaging and procrastination. Once you shift your mindset by doing some deeper work, things unfold way faster and you get to feel limitless, you can do anything.

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