Courtney Tiffany: Motherhood Was My Spiritual Initiation

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Courtney lives in Arizona
Courtney Tiffany is a founder of the spiritual business, Life in Alignment, which prioritizes self-discovery through archetypes. Her own spiritual awakening occurred when she found herself a stay at home mom with 2 kids under 2 and was struck with postpartum depression which propelled her into deep inner work and the journey to rediscover her soul.
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On our first episode of the Soul Lift Podcast, we are so excited to bring you Courtney Tiffany as she shares with us her inspiring story of how motherhood, and more specifically, having her children only 13 months apart spurred her onto a deep spiritual awakening as she started a journey of self-discovery to find herself, realize her truth, and reclaim her power after suffering from Post Partum Depression. 

After finding that self-care and mindfulness brought Courtney peace and a reconnection with herself that she felt was lost underneath the overwhelming grind of motherhood, she was able to find a re-recognition of her values and core beliefs.  Her practice evolved into a thirst for more knowledge and tools to go even deeper into soul searching and spirituality. She had the incredible realization that all the answers reside within her and she was ready to tap into that powerful life force energy and create the life of her dreams.

That journey opened up a spiritual pathway that was once there but became suppressed and hidden by trying to blend in with society and cultural norms.  It gave her an opportunity to claim her witchy gifts, become empowered, and learn to love herself again. She truly knows she went through those low points in order to discover the divine feminine and bring herself back home to her soul.

Courtney began working with the Divine Feminine Archetypes, (archetypes are inherited dispositions that influence everything we do, think or feel through patterns that represent most of the human behavior) The Lover, the Mother, Medicine Woman, Dark Goddess, and Warrior. She received an incredible message from the Greek Goddess, Hecate, who reminded her, “You are powerful. You have magic within you. You are capable of doing anything.”  Going deeper and working with all the Feminine and Goddess Archetypes opened a door to a whole new, exciting aspect of spirituality for Courtney as they helped her find the way to tap into her own inner truth and inner guidance.  

Courtney wouldn’t be the woman she is today without going through all those moments. Hitting that low point and being able to pick herself up taught her resilience, and she found a strength and power she was unaware of before. As she found that empowerment within herself, sought out a spiritual community, and kept learning and studying, she felt called to help other women overcome their self-doubts and fears and find that strength and knowledge within themselves.  She founded Life In Alignment, which teaches how to live a life in alignment with their true authentic selves.  

We are so thrilled to announce that Courtney will also be our May Educational Collective Contributor and share with our Collective Members her incredible knowledge on the Goddess Archetypes! We will learn how we can all awaken the divine feminine within us through this archetype work, becoming more in tune with our own cycles and natural rhythms. As Courtney explains, each of these goddesses are doorways to unlocking parts of ourselves and we can dive deeper into our psyche and spirituality, journeying into parts unknown and working with these archetypes to reveal hidden truths within ourselves.

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