Divina Lopez: Finding Her Voice

Devina SL
Divina lives in New Jersey
Dr. Divina Lopez is not your ordinary Pediatrician! She has been quite creative in the way she chooses to practice Pediatrics. She has practiced Pediatrics in the traditional office setting, urgent care, and as an expert witness. She currently practices in the Public Health setting, and at a Private practice in Hackensack, NJ. She uses social media platforms like IG to educate Parents and give Pediatric advice. She has a website for New Parents where She features her podcast called “Dancing into Parenthood” and the “Dancing into Parenthood” Coaching Program for New Parents.
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Teaching her son mindfulness as a way to handle temper tantrums became a beautiful lesson for both mother and son as they grew through the journey together. Divina shares how she was able to use breathwork and mindfulness to release much of the pressure and judgment she placed on herself. It showed her better approaches to model a better, healthier reaction for her son. She tells us the pride she feels in her commitment to consciously parenting her son as she recognizes the beautiful gift she has given him at such a young age. As many of us are finding the incredible life-changing benefits of mindfulness and meditation, we can give these gifts to our children to utilize throughout their entire lives!

She explains how motherhood became the catalyst for her to step into her power and speak her truth. Being courageous for her son gave her the power to use her voice and release the self-limiting beliefs she held. She recognized that being raised in a more authoritarian environment, she began to hold herself back and quiet her own voice. Motherhood and her beautiful spiritual practice have helped her to know the worthiness of her voice and stand up for herself and her truth.

The experience of motherhood taught her to validate herself instead of looking for the outward validation of other’s opinions, reflections, and responses. As a pediatrician, Divina also shares the importance of being an advocate for our children and listening to the incredible strong intuition within each of us as mothers. Part of her mission as a doctor is to change the narrative of the current medical system, empowering all parents to ask for the support and information they need.

Divina shares a beautiful message to every woman and mother, calling us each to loving action to embrace and love ourselves just as we are.

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