Leila Laura: Clearing Karma + Setting Intentions

Leila lives in Massachusetts
Leila is a uniquely gifted energy healer. Being raised in trauma and struggling through her early years not having the support she needed, her early life is a far cry from the beautiful, luminous life she now leads. Through investment in karma healing and with strong conviction that there was another level of success available to her, Leila awakened to her Soul Self (our Soul untouched by woundings from this and/or other lives). Leila’s Soul Self is a rare combination of transformational Healer and Seer (with the ability to see past, present, and future, and that which can’t be seen by the eye). Since then, Leila has advised, coached and healed countless others to help them find love by differentiating between trauma, drama, or karma, ego vs. soul self, disempowered living vs. empowered living.

Tell me about your mindfulness journey. When did you start focusing on mindset? Why?

All of my parents have had a really deep relationship with spirituality, so I was raised going to sweat lodges, solstice ceremonies, etc. In those types of communities and situations, there’s always talk about setting your intentions. Setting intentions really is mindfulness – what you’re doing, where your thoughts are, and where you want to channel that energy. So, really, I was raised from a young age with mindfulness.

How did you begin implementing these tools into your life?

My mother was the biggest influence since I was really raised in spirituality and mindfulness. She was a single mom, so there was a very tight schedule and an awareness of how much time there was in a day and who needed to do what and be aware of when. I really feel that’s a big part of mindfulness. Growing up, we would go to organic stores, do thrift shopping, and all of these things that were more conscious of the environment. My mom would host people of different cultures and countries, so there was also a lot of diversity in our house and we were around people who had a similar thread of being conscious of what they were eating and how they were impacting the plant.

So, there was a culture of mindfulness that I was raised in. However, I’d say mindfulness is something I started on my own. Around the age of 17, I started studying energy work and meditating, and I had already started doing yoga a few years prior to that. So, it’s a little blurry where mindfulness started for me because I feel like it was something that I was just raised with. As I got older, however, it was something I realized I needed in my life on my own.

What are your daily mindfulness rituals now?

I am very conscious of the quality of food that comes into our home. Meditation is also a big piece for me. It’s always my best day when I spend at least 20 minutes meditating, if not more. It ends up being a lot more than just those 20 minutes because I can sort of get stuck there. Connecting with nature is also a really important mindfulness aspect for me. I can just go on a walk down the street, but I know that if I do the extra miles and keep going deep into the woods, that’s a lot more connecting for me and then I’m feeling more grounded throughout my day.

How has your mindfulness practice changed after having children?

I think it’s more important since I’ve had my first child and now being pregnant with my second several years apart. During my first pregnancy, I was very stressed and I didn’t use a lot of mindfulness techniques. However, with this pregnancy, my biggest goal is to not be stressed. I don’t think it’s coincidental that my workload is lighter currently or that it’s just a very quiet time in my life. So, I definitely meditate more. I connect with nature more and I know that the more relaxed my body and my whole being can be, the healthier this baby will be. I know that when this second child comes into the world that continuing to do my self-care and waking up extra early so I can meditate and get my “me time” in is going to be essential just so that I can be a nice, focused mom.

How has mindfulness affected your parenting?

Mindfulness gives me time to reflect on how I’m engaging with my children versus just going through the motions. I’m able to be a lot more conscious of the choices coming into my home and the culture I want to be raising my children.

What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey?

I need a lot of quiet time!

What advice would you give to any mother who thinks she’s too busy to put any energy towards mindfulness?

Mindfulness actually allows you to get twice as much done in half the amount of time. By taking the time to be mindful, you’re not only able to more effectively do what you need to get done, but you’re also able to find more time for R&R because your system is relaxed. You also won’t be wasting your energy and time on things that aren’t important because you’re more aware of it.

Tell me about your businesses! How is mindfulness incorporated in it?

The work I do involves clearing Karma on people, and part of that process is deconstructing their ego. This process is basically like walking through a minefield. So it’s very important to be mindful to do my job and translate with someone’s highest self. Deconstructing their ego is a really sacred process and you want to navigate it in a way that isn’t harmful for them. It’s more of a joy for them to have this realization that their ego is holding on so strongly to a certain belief system and wounding. I want to let them know that it’s not only safe but of their highest good to completely alleviate themselves of that construct. When doing this, it’s essential to be mindful because not only can it be energetically dangerous, but it can also be emotionally and psychologically difficult for the person if it’s not done correctly. It’s very intimate work.

The other thing about mindfulness with my work is that by doing my own mindfulness exercises helps me be completely present with my clients and not wound up in my own BS.

How does leading women to find a higher level of soul success empower you?

How could it not! My work empowers me because I love seeing women especially be more successful and more empowered in so many ways. Not even just women, but people as a whole are so repressed. Most of us are living from a place of making our decisions out of fear and a feeling of disempowerment. It’s just so beautiful to be able to see others thrive in this work. On top of it, not only are they achieving their soul success, but by one woman achieving her soul success, everyone around her is affected by it. It uplifts their entire family, their entire community.

What is something you wish every mama knew about karma?

By taking care of and clearing your Karma, a lot of the complaints that you probably find yourself having with your partner, with your children, or with yourself can just kind of dissolve. Bottom line – life doesn’t need to be so hard. Just clear some Karma.

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