Michelle Anne: Our Children as Our Teachers

Michelle Ann
Michelle lives in Michigan
Michelle Wahula is a divine visionary and transformational teacher that believes in the power of being unapologetically yourself. She teaches female entrepreneurs how to discover, hold and radiate their uniqueness so that they can create their personal fairytale. Michelle’s one on one work is a unique blend of a combination of energy healing, coaching, and practical higher consciousness mastery training to support you in radiating who you really are to the world.
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Michelle gives us an incredible glimpse into her life as a lightworker and intuitive worker and the awe-inspiring event that propelled her into it all.  While being aware of her sight and gifts throughout her life, she experienced a channeling meditation where she was shown the complete connection between her, the Universe, and her angels who have surrounded and supported her throughout the lowest points in her life that opened her eyes to her psychic gifts.  

This experience thrust her into an incredible journey of reconciling what it means to have these gifts, what is real, and what is an illusion, and what she should do with this incredible opportunity.  While finding strength and bravery through that discovery, almost immediately after her meditation initiation and working with a reiki healer, she became pregnant. Giving birth to her son who was born with an absolutely incredible capacity for abundance, Michelle’s story of adapting her idea of what parenting would be like to the reality of parenting a child with no concept of limitation can inspire each of us to let go of our ego and it’s ideas.  

In this jam-packed conversation, she also shares how, while working with her clients as a wealth activator to recognize and access God’s divine promise of prosperity for each and every single person, you have to show up and fully embody yourself.  She teaches that how much we are directly embodying ourselves is in direct proportion to how we will receive abundance in our physical reality.  

She shares her refreshing advice on dealing with resistance while on your spiritual journey and to expect, own, and be okay with standing in the truth of the triggers other people face with you. She calls to each lightworker listening to stand in their power, to rise up, and become a leader for themselves, their family, and the planet.  She knows how important it is to let go of the circuit of fear around our personal power and start giving ourselves permission to be ourselves, completely and totally, while continuing to uplevel over and over again.  

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