Michelle Slote: Helping Our Children Speak Their Truth

Michelle lives in Georgia
Michelle is a Wife, Mother, and a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. She is a certified herbalist, owns a successful body and skincare company and she is a coach for female entrepreneurs who want to run passion driven businesses.

Tell us about your mindfulness journey.

I started focusing on mindfulness when “busy” became my identity and I had so much fatigue I could barely function. I promised myself I’d never get to that point again. I had been doing everything wrong and not enjoying the moments with my kids so I decided to do the complete opposite of what I was doing… mindfulness.

How did you begin implementing these tools into your life?

A simple google search lol! I came across Dr. Erin, Dr. of Divinity. She has changed the game for me, my life and business. She’s now my spiritual mentor and I’ll never go a day without meditation, visualization, and mindfulness in general because of what she has taught me.

What are your daily mindfulness rituals now?

Usually pretty simple, sometimes I like to jazz things up! I wake up with gratitude in my heart and it didn’t always used be that way. I say aloud 10 things I’m truly grateful for, a morning meditation, visualization, and intention setting and then move my body. Sometimes I’ll pull a card or light sage but that’s if my kids haven’t woke up yet

How has your mindfulness practice changed after having children?

I used to be an avid workout freak before kids. My fitness routine was the first introduction I had into mindfulness because it always transported me into a blissful state. After kids, I lost touch with all of it… until the burnout and then realized things had to change!

How has mindfulness affected your parenting?

After seeing what subconscious programming did to me as a child, I’m very conscious about what their minds are soaking up. I tell them their truth such as “James is abundant. James is divine. James is prosperous.” Even though they don’t know the meanings of the words, it’s clicking already. I want them to know their true identity and not screw it up by giving them a bad money mindset through subconscious programming. Most parents do this unknowingly, and I was on the path to do this to my kids until I learned the power of mindfulness. Their minds are like vulnerable little sponges and I take that very seriously now that I know the power their identity and belief system and how it shapes their future.

What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey?

I’ve learned my Truth. What I mean by this is, through mindfulness, I have discovered who I am at the core. I have discovered the Divine power within. Once you do that, there’s no going back to a ho-hum life!

What advice would you give to any mother who thinks she’s too busy to put any energy towards mindfulness?

Mindfulness is THE single most important thing you can teach your children. It is THE single most important thing you can do for yourself. Why? Because it stretches across the board and solves any problem that arises. The first step to solving any problem is to be mindful of it. From there, stems the solution, which is again, given to you through mindfulness and actively seeking the solution by looking inside.

Tell us about your businesses! How is mindfulness incorporated in it?

OMG, I have two! I am a certified herbalist and own a body and skincare company called Elixir Apothecary. The motto of Elixir Apothecary is “Take Time to Take Time”. The reason for this is because I saw so many people living a life of constant striving. When you take time for yourself, when you take time to practice mindfulness, you energetically open the doors for you to receive your desires. When you take time to take time, you experience the joy of being present. This is the only powerful space in which you can manifest your desires.

The second business is a coaching business called Hello Wholeness Co. I started this business after feeling a calling even bigger than myself and making my beautiful products. The goal of Hello Wholeness Co is to empower female entrepreneurs to run passion-driven, soul-fulfilling businesses and lives. We deep dive on their spiritual gifts, passions, experience, talents, Basically, I help female entrepreneurs embrace their whole self within their business because that’s where the magic happens! My signature coaching method is a combination of spiritual awakening, embodiment, and business strategy. Mindfulness is the first place we start! It is the catalyst to all inspiration, aligned action, up-leveling and quantum leaps that they take within their business! I simply only work with women who are committed to mindfulness.

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