Shelley Armenta: Mindfulness is a Game Changer

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Shelley lives in California
Shelley Armenta wants to live in a world where October lasts all year long, iced coffee is always in hand and otters can be pets. She recently left a medical career to focus on her love of writing and building community. She is a fervent and passionate advocate for mental health. As a trauma survivor, she has battled her own condition and demons but is learning the power of owning her story. When she’s not scribbling away, you can find her harassing her husband and their two insanely adorable kids by taking excessive amounts of photos of them, striving to be like Leslie Knope, spoiling her pups and patiently awaiting her delayed acceptance letter to Hogwarts. 

Tell me about your mindfulness journey. When did you start focusing on mindset? Why?

Growing up in an abusive home, my mind was trained to be all over the place, mostly landing in fear of the future. Unfortunately, that shaped the way in which I thought, believed and behaved.
I began going to therapy regularly last year and my therapist gave me so many tools and resources. Mindfulness now plays a huge role in my wellness. It is a daily practice that is necessary to my wellness.

How did you begin implementing these tools into your life?

I am surrounded by so many amazing people, especially my husband. I shared with him the tools I had received and my desire to put them into action.

Letting him know that goal allowed him to support me by taking the kids outside or upstairs while I use my mindfulness tools.

What are your daily mindfulness rituals now?

Every morning I spend time in the Word, reminding myself who is in true control. Biblical reminders have helped me tremendously.

I practice tapping which is extremely effective. It’s easy to do and brings my anxiety level down every time.

How has your mindfulness practice changed after becoming a mother?

I didn’t have any practices before I was a mom. To be very honest, I didn’t take care for myself at all.
Now as a mom, I know that practicing mindfulness is a game changer.

How has mindfulness affected your parenting?

I love that I’m now modeling mindfulness for my babies. Breaking the cycle of toxicity and abuse is so hard, but my mindfulness practices keep me going.

As a parent, I’ve been able to lead the way and bring my kids on the journey. As a family we practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, tapping, and locking up the electronics at the same time every day.

What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey?

I’ve learned that I am so much stronger than I thought. I also learned that the ball is in my court. My wellness journey is mine and I am actively making my life better.

What advice would you give to any mother who thinks she’s too busy to put any energy towards mindfulness?

Make the time, mama. As impossible as it sounds and feels, you can do it! Reach out to your people and let them cheer you on during this journey. Mindfulness looks different for all of us. What does it look like for you?

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