Trina Pettersen: Learning to Trust the Amazing Process of Life

Trina lives in Australia
In the last 4 years, I’ve had 2 beautiful babies, a girl and boy! This is where the real transformational experience began to take place. Having babies taught me what real love is, the feeling of at times extreme joy, bursting with love to the point of tears and utter exhaustion. It certainly cracks you wide open. As mothers to be able to cope with these demands and the absolute rollercoaster of emotions daily we’ve got to transform into our new self’s, yes we lose our old identity but we transcend into something more powerful than we could possibly imagine but we do need support and guidance to do this. We do need a village, we need a community to stand with to say we’re not alone. It takes daily work, it takes practice, it’s certainly not easy but as you begin the work, you become awakened, you become conscious to your thoughts and you will start to live your wildest dreams with a life full of joy and bliss and be the very best person you can be.

Tell us about your mindfulness journey. When did you start focusing on mindset? Why?

Hello, well I’ve had a phenomenal journey, of course not without its challenges and failures like everyone else. I’ve always been known as a glass-half-full type of girl and extremely driven and always wanting to be the best version of myself. I spent most of my 20s traveling the world, taking risks and had little responsibility. Then when I came back to Australia and started a family that’s when my real transformational experience took place. I birthed using hypnobirthing as I’ve been brought up with a very holistic approach to health so having a natural birth was a huge priority, I had an amazing water birth which enabled my journey into motherhood a little easier. I think for me you have to grow, transform, transcend becoming a mother because you experience emotions and feelings you’ve never had to before so if you don’t uplevel your emotions the feeling you’ll be left with are that of depression, anxiety, resentment, yearning for your old life back. It’s now been 3.5 years since my first and my 2nd is 7 months. I feel I’ve come to some knowing around the secrets of life, through using mindfulness techniques and tools daily. I feel although at times I’m, tired and exhausted having 2 little ones my mindset had never been stronger and I feel so passionate about this I’m now teaching other women the tools I use and know work through my own experience and study of hundreds of highly successful people.

How did you begin implementing these tools into your life?

I’ve always been extremely fit and healthy minus pregnancy because although I tried my hardest I was so sick and craved rubbish food but I would say I am 98% plant-based and exercise at the gym or walk most days. Once I returned from overseas I started meditating daily which changed my life, not that my life was bad but it gave me a much deeper state of being and consciousness. From there I started to read lots and lots, listened to podcasts and implemented more tools like gratitude, Journalling, visualization, goal setting, morning rituals, intentions, and affirmations.

What are your daily mindfulness rituals now?

I wake up holding and breastfeeding one beautiful baby with the 3-year-old in my arms. Before I open my eyes I give thanks to all the small and big things in my life. I then say an affirmation 10 times and visualize my dream goals and life. I then open my eyes and connect with my darlings, looking them in the eyes, cuddling them and telling them I love them. We’ll then play in bed for 5 to 10 minutes before I’ll get up have a warm lemon water, read some quotes from the secret book, make a smoothy and greens powder and get ready for the day. We’ll then go out for the morning to the beach, go for a walk, visit friends or clean our Airbnb unit, where I’ll consciously keep connecting with my babies. When we return home we’ll have lunch. After lunch we all have a sleep, I’ll then meditate holding my baby, visualize and say a prayer to the universe and god. I will then try and journal if I have the correct hand or this can wait till the evening when my husband’s home. Before I go to sleep I spend some time with my 3-year-old talking about the lessons we learned, the adventures we went on and what we’re grateful for from the day. I really try to do a bigger random act of kindness as much as I can weekly by giving to charity, a present for a friend, sometimes helping someone.

How has your mindfulness practice changed after having children?

My practice has only strengthened since children although I have to be extremely flexible and often do things for smaller amounts of time and not being so hard on myself when things don’t get done. The bigger the change in your life for e.g having children the more soul searching you have to do because you’re going to be triggered and need to be conscious about why and what you need to do.

How has mindfulness affected your parenting?

Of course, I feel frustrated and at times angry but I’m able to remove myself from the situation, go for a walk, dance or meditate. To be completely honest I very rarely raise my voise with my kids or lose patience and that’s because I do this work. There’s no way I’d have this story without my daily practices. My Mum, although dabbled in this, was very heightened at times so I know I’ve got that potential but stay very calm except with my husband but that’s another story.

What have you learned about yourself throughout this journey?

I’ve learned who I am and why I’m here, I’m the same person as I was but now with many different levels. I’m conscious, I’m creating my own life instead of living in the rat race getting my life dictated to me. I’ve learned the secrets to life and have felt at times this indescribable feeling of bliss, love, and euphoria. I’ve learned the law of attraction and see things coming to life before my eyes. I’ve learned to trust the amazing process of life and lean on faith.

What advice would you give to any mother who thinks she’s too busy to put any energy towards mindfulness?

Well, that’s one thing we all have the same amount of. The thing is once they start they will find the practices help them with the issue of time. At the end of the day, it’s priorities and honestly, your own mindset is the most important. I can’t actually recommend doing this work enough. This is our purpose in life, to be our true selves, to find out who that is and fall in love with it. There’s no more important time to do that than in motherhood when you’re raising the next generation. They’re watching everything you do, if you don’t have time for it, your kids won’t have time for it either and you have to ask yourself if you’re ok with that? Are they the values you want to instill in them? Once you make them habits you won’t miss them. I’m so passionate about this I’m teaching these tools.

Tell us about your soul’s purpose and life passion

I feel it so strongly in me that I’m on this earth to give, I’m fortunate enough to have figured out some answers because I’ve asked. I’ve done the work and still continue to do it. I’m far from perfect and got areas of my life I am working on daily. My purpose is to be myself, and to make an impact on this world, to help, support and inspire people to do the same so they’re also able to shine their light also. I have big dreams to make big impact and big money for it because the more money I have the more I can give. I’ve got a list of people already that I’ll be doing that for. My passion is taking action every single day to be the best version of me, the best mother, wife and friend and when I’m not become aware and conscious and put strategies in place to change it.

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