From Worry to Alignment

Krista Xiomara on how transition from worrying to alignment.

The Twin Flames of Contentment and Gratitude

Krista Xiomara on building contentment and gratitude

Are You Playing to Your Strengths?

Krista Xiomara on how to send more love to the things that make you uniquely you in the workplace.

Complaining as an Act of Suffering

Krista Xiomara examines complaining as an act of suffering

Letting Sisyphus’ Rock Roll: 3 Ways to Remove Obstacles

Krista Xiomara on how there are no obstacles, except for the ones we put in front of ourselves. Here’s how to work through yours.

Using Intention and Fear as Fuel

Baby Peppers Founder Gaayathri Periasami shares the history behind the conscious textile brand and how mindfulness can be a part of our purchases that ripple into several aspects of our lives.

Letting Go of Control: The Art of Surrender

Leena Lemos shares five ways to loosen your grip on outcomes and expectations.

Create A Life of Your Wildest Dreams with Gratitude

A daily ritual of giving thanks can help you create the life you desire.

Taking Massive and Fearless Action

Speaker Lauryn Laszczak shares what it means to live fearlessly to choose a life of joy.

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