spiritual awakening

Meditative Poetry Series: Wake Up

Music meets poetry in this enlightening and empowering meditative series.

Michelle Anne: Our Children as Our Teachers

Michelle Anne shares how she went from a mental health counselor to having her intuition cracked wide open.

Nicolle Kasch: The Peace and Power in Hypnobirthing

Nicole Kasch shares how hypnobirthing awakened her to her personal power and divine connection.

Catherine Seelie: Healing Through Shamanism

Catherine Seelie shares the connection between her health and her awakening to her Shamanic gifts.

Courtney Tiffany: Motherhood Was My Spiritual Initiation

Courtney Tiffany shares how back-to-back pregnancies opened her spiritual connection.

Leila Laura: Clearing Karma + Setting Intentions

Leila Laura shares why setting intentions is the key to mindfulness

Bethany Evans: Empowering Through Self-Awareness

Bethany Evans shares how her Divine Feminine energy was awakened in motherhood.

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