spiritual awakening

How to Be Spiritual in the Real World with Kim Porter

Life and Business Coach Kim Porter shares how to bring your spiritual practice into the chaos of the real world.

Meditative Poetry Series: Wake Up

Music meets poetry in this enlightening and empowering meditative series.

Michelle Anne: Our Children as Our Teachers

Michelle Anne shares how she went from a mental health counselor to having her intuition cracked wide open.

Nicolle Kasch: The Peace and Power in Hypnobirthing

Nicole Kasch shares how hypnobirthing awakened her to her personal power and divine connection.

Catherine Seelie: Healing Through Shamanism

Catherine Seelie shares the connection between her health and her awakening to her Shamanic gifts.

Courtney Tiffany: Motherhood Was My Spiritual Initiation

Courtney Tiffany shares how back-to-back pregnancies opened her spiritual connection.

Leila Laura: Clearing Karma + Setting Intentions

Leila Laura shares why setting intentions is the key to mindfulness

Bethany Evans: Empowering Through Self-Awareness

Bethany Evans shares how her Divine Feminine energy was awakened in motherhood.

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